Wang Yan celebrated her 48th birthday in a low-key way, Posting photos with her son, who now towers over her mother

On February 11, “Qinggege” Wang Yan posted an update on her social media platform to celebrate her 48th birthday in a low-key way, and posted a number of photos with her son, reflecting on the first half of her life.In the video, After wang Yan graduated from The North Dance, she starred in a lot of hit dramas, she is also very grateful to Qiong Yao, give yourself the opportunity to shine.Among her many roles, the one she is most remembered for is Qing Er in My Fair Princess, who is still grateful.Later, Wang Yan had a son and put the focus of her life on the family. When the child grew up a little, the mother and son would shoot magazines together.Wang Yan holding the ball ball, smile is still very girl sense, the state maintained quite good.Over the years, Wang yan has often taken her children with her to do charity work, and has taken photos for many campaigns.Qiu Qiu was very expressive at a young age. When posing with her mother, she was very tacit.When ball ball was a child, his face was a little baby fat, and his fleshy appearance was very cute. His facial features were more like his father’s, but there was also his mother’s shadow between his eyes and eyebrows, and his appearance was very high.In previous videos, Qiu Qiu has grown up to be much taller than his mother, and the mother and son have a very good relationship.Netizens praised Wang yan’s childhood beauty and wished her a happy birthday.Wang Yan hit the big time with My Fair Princess, then married a rich businessman and faded from the screen.He recently came out of retirement, and was reunited with Galeries Lafayette on the show trump card versus Trump Card.Now she is active on the short video platform and often shares her daily life with others.In a twinkling of an eye, Wang Yan is 48 years old, and once played “Qing Ge Ge” is not much different, wish her happy family life, son grow up healthy and happy!Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete

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