29 years later, Zhao Min still hasn’t come to dadu to find her Zhang Wuji

Hello xia Qiu, it’s Friday again.Welcome to weekly movie Recommendations, summer and Autumn.Start of spring today, appropriate bath, net.On the fourth day of the lunar New Year, I wish you a happy New Year. May everything go well and happiness and peace be with you.The Spring Festival holiday is half over. How are you doing this year?Anyway, I caught up on a few movies, old and new.Today, let’s talk about the film version of “Lean on Heaven and Slay The Dragon”.Film handheld device maker e-ten dragon-slaying remember demons taught hierarch episode – laughter, song music: Wing and lines and songs in 2019, China’s Hong Kong director Mr. Wong issue a poster on weibo, he said he will take the new “handheld device maker e-ten slew a dragon to record” movies, suddenly reminded of the 1993 version of the film “magic teach hierarch of handheld device maker e-ten dragon-slaying remember” nostalgia.Collected 93 edition is also taken by Mr. Wong, the three big beauty – zhang as zhao, yau chingmy as small zhao, li zi plays week zhi if there is martial arts superstar jet li plays zhang mowgli… I am refreshed version of the film, “sun alkaloids in the handheld device maker e-ten dragon-slaying remember” rookies, “flame of handheld device maker e-ten dragon-slaying remember again to go back to a time 93 years old, that this version is not finished,Only to play zhang Wuji led the Ming People to wudang to save Zhang Sanfeng, dispelling the rumors that zhao Min, the monarch of the court, had stayed in the Shaolin Temple: “First shaolin, then destroy Wudang, only I Ming Jiao, Wulin is king”.The salvation of the six major factions, love disputes and the final direction of the main characters are still in the final stage… Everyone must have more or less heard or seen the novel or movie adaptation of The Dragon Relying on Heaven written by Jin Yong.At the end of the Yuan Dynasty, it was widely said that “The king of Martial arts killed dragons with a sword.Command the world, do not dare to disobey.Lean on the sky not out, who and contend.As long as you get the heavenly sword and dragon sword at the same time, you can command the world.Hence attracted the whole Wulin crazy, a flock to it.Zhang Cuishan of wudang five chivalry and the daughter Yin Susu of eagle king of Ming Dynasty white eyebrow love each other, after and carry the golden lion King Xie Xun of dragon treasure knife unfortunately live in ice fire island, Zhang Cuishan and Xie Xun become a righteous brother, Yin Susu also gives birth to a son, named Zhang Wuji.Because Zhang Cuishan and Yin Susu know the whereabouts of the golden lion King Xexun, when taking his son Zhang Wuji back to Wudang Mountain, was cocoveted in the dragon sword of many martial arts master siege.Heavy feeling heavy righteousness do not want to betray brothers also do not want to get involved in the Wudang Mountain Zhang Cuishan was killed on the spot, Yin Susu also went.Young Zhang Wuji witnessed parents double die, be injured by xuan Ming 2 old place again, the body is heavy cold ice poison, be adopted by Zhang Cuishan’s master Zhang Sanfeng.The background of the story so far is over, and then opened the little xia Zhang Wuji all the way, invincible course.First practice “Jiuyang shengong” dissolved the cold ice poison inside his body, after breaking into the forbidden ground of Ming Jiao accidentally and then learned to teach Lord Yang to leave on the unique martial arts qiankun great move, successfully removed six factions siege Ming Jiao bright top crisis, glory ascend Ming Jiao Lord throne.But at the same time, it also upset the court to try to use the conflict between the six schools and the Ming Dynasty and the whole Wulin plot, so, the Ming dynasty between zhang Wuji and zhao Min, the monarch of the battle is also launched.He fell into and monarch, the emei disciple week zhi if, zhao min is the emotional entanglements of zoroastrianism maid small zhao, etc…… both the new and original of the handheld device maker e-ten slew a dragon to record “movie, story structure and set up basically follows the above introduction, also just as well as the character set in some detail, need to plot, slightly changes.The unfinished 93 version, at the end of the film, Zhao Min and Zhang Wuji said: “Zhang Wuji, you still owe me one thing, if you want to save the six PI, come to dadu to find me!”But due to various reasons, after a few years, has not made into a second sequel, until now already 29 years, when the people in the movies, also along with one of our whole youth, the old go to, the world changes, you have is not may not meet in the sequel, only when the film from the director of the magic teach hierarch jing wang, he found another group of people this time,The two films were shot at one time, respectively named “Jiuyang Shengong” and “Sacred Fire Heroic Wind”, selected in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, in succession in the whole network screening.”Zhang Wuji finally went to Dadu to find Zhao Min”.In 1993, “heaven and Dragon Slaughtering record of the devil teaching master” did not finish the story, this time finally through the “heaven and Dragon slaughtering record of the Jiuyang God Gong” and “heaven and Dragon Slaughtering record of the Sacred Fire heroic wind” round the audience’s thoughts.But when I opened the new movie and watched it, I was disappointed.Don’t say already more than 40 years old Lin Feng interpretation of Zhang Wuji slightly dissimilar, other actors, whether playing Zhao Min wen Yongshan, playing Zhou Zhi if qiu Yi thick, or playing small zhao cloud qianqian, again beautiful again beautiful, also difficult to reach the three white moon goddess in my heart forever.Of course, it would be unfair to dismiss the film simply because of its casting.However, in the 21st century, martial arts is not as good as it was in 1993. The special effects technology is improved, but the original taste of martial arts is no longer visible.Several important fighting scenes, especially the six factions siege the bright top that piece, Zhang Wuji and everyone’s duel, I really see a whole speechless, you can compare the 93 version of a look, you know where the gap is.Maybe when the special effects were not developed to a certain level, people were really doing their fists and kicks, watching every move clearly and with vigor. But now, Hong Kong martial arts films have lost their glory of “flowing characteristics”.And inside the character lines, read a word also did not remember, a little aftertaste chewing ideas are not.Today’s movies, not only the camera performance is poor, but also the dialogue language is not properly adjusted, either dare not say, or difficult to say, say the wrong.I rewatch 93 version this time, it is really a good movie to see several times feel classic, the lines inside now listen to meaningful, aftertaste endless.You can’t betray your friends even if you die, or it’s a betrayal of loyalty.Never trust a woman. The more beautiful she is, the more she lies. Remember that.It is not only beautiful women who cannot be trusted, but also seemingly faithful men.As long as the sun shines, I’ll never let you go.You’re smart, and I do want to be Pope, but the smarter they are, the more annoying they are.Don’t flatter yourself. If someone’s parents are pretty, tell them they look like your mother.This boy’s fighting capacity is really extraordinary, my fighting capacity is only six thousand, he at least has more than ten thousand.Zhang Sanfeng of majestic river’s lake is only a fat man originally, it is not as famous to meet.I’ll be your man sooner or later, and I’m too lazy to resist. Anyway, I’m screaming my throat out and nobody’s listening. Let you do whatever you want.Deep and sharp and spicy, fine taste, but also can work out a bit of irony taste, fun and full of life.Alas, there are only sighs.Zhang Wuji lost his way for nearly 30 years, but still couldn’t find his way to Dadu.Unfortunately, for so long, there is no second part of “the devil Of the Dragon”.It’s a shame it’s been so long. There’ll never be a second one.Zhao Min was unable to wait for zhang Wuji, who was looking for her mostly

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