Xiao Jia mei!Cool, everybody!”Beautiful courtyard” demonstration households were commended

In order to effectively promote rural revitalization, practice the new development concept, further improve the rural living environment, set up typical, commend advanced kongtong District Baimiao township before the Spring Festival held the “beautiful garden” demonstration households awarding awarding ceremony, a total of 20 village-level “beautiful garden” demonstration households awarding awarding ceremony and award prizes go!The courtyard is clean and clean, the interior is warm and elegant, everyone is warm and hospitable, and every household is civilized.Scenes of the construction of the “beautiful courtyard gratifying results give a person find everything new and fresh Three clubs such as the spring breeze of jia hollow village 8 yanwn jia depression a club Gu Shangxiao Luan tableland village two clubs LuanKeRang Luan tableland village three clubs Song Yutian rowan village two clubs Chen love square yard carries a story one yard and seven achievements a beautiful a beautiful scenery to build a beautiful courtyard rural village four clubs rowan He Shiyin ShuangMiao VillageZhang Hailin Shuangmiao Village Xu Hu home Wendeng Village six agency Wang Shanyong Wendeng village three agency Wen Rongbin into the courtyard at a glance neat and orderly sundry is stacked neatly into the interior furniture placement with the interior layoutStreamline refreshed small chencun two clubs xin-wen ma small chencun five clubs guang-ming li small chencun five clubs Ma Bao wealth small qin yu village five clubs literature Qin Cheng a club for small qin qin village, village Qin Zhiping beautiful country everyone is yearning for a club habitable beautiful village in the white temple white temple township will continue to promote the environment livable vigor, the beauty of the local custom civilization rural construction to build a beautiful garden scenery beautiful villagers “dot eyeball” beautiful new rural massesA happy life

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