A war between Ukraine and Russia could put global supplies of electronic gas at risk

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is “on the brink”.As of February 11, Russian troops have been stationed on the Ukrainian border for three months, and tensions have not eased.In an interview with NBC on Tuesday, President Joe Biden warned that “American citizens should leave now.”NBC also said that based on the assessment of the US military and intelligence community, Russia may soon launch a full-scale “invasion” of Ukraine.Ukraine is the world’s largest producer of special gases for semiconductor manufacturing, and a war between Russia and Ukraine could lead to a shortage of special gases for semiconductor manufacturing.Data show that Ukraine supplies about 70% of the world’s neon gas, which can be used for KrF laser exposure in semiconductor manufacturing processes.In addition to neon, Ukraine also supplies about 40% of the world’s krypton gas, which is also used in KrF lasers, both of which are closely related to the exposure process.Ukraine also produces about 30 percent of the world’s supply of xenon gas, which is used in the semiconductor etching process.Because Ukraine in huge, neon, krypton, xenon market supply in the global supply of proportion is higher, if the outbreak of the war, is likely to lead to neon, krypton, xenon gas supply shortages, even if the markets quickly seek new supplier or expand gas capacity, also need to be months or even product certification, more than half of the semiconductor process of the electronic special gas supply shortages.Because Ukraine supplies a large amount of neon and krypton for KrF laser, KrF laser is mainly used for 8-inch wafer 250-130nm mature process.At present, 250~130nm process products include power management chips (PMIC), micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), MOSFET components, IGBT and other power semiconductor components.In the event of a war between Ukraine and Russia, the shortage of neon and krypton will affect the shipment of these products to varying degrees.In the current global core shortage is still not alleviated under the background, this is bound to further aggravate the core shortage problem.In terms of terminal products, the auto industry, which needs a large number of power management chips and power semiconductors, will face a new shortage crisis.Editor: Xin Zhi xun – forest data source: Tuo Pu production research

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