A woman in Northwest China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region has been awarded a huge sum of money in compensation for a medical accident

In the morning of January 29, Yin couple will be printed with “Grateful Dai Qingliu forever, registered for the people warm and efficient” “qingzheng benevolence fair trial grace Heavy Taishan balance forever” were sent to zhongning County people’s Court filing chamber, comprehensive trial chamber staff hands, zhongning court close to the people and efficient service to express heartfelt thanks.Yin’s daughter was incapacitated due to a major medical accident, and the hospital reached a compensation agreement with Yin and her son-in-law He, and transferred the compensation to he’s account.At the end of 2021, he filed a divorce lawsuit, was rejected by the People’s Court of Zhongning County divorce lawsuit request.After Yin mou and he mou because of the custody dispute of compensation appeal to the hospital.The court learned about the relevant situation, quickly handled the filing procedure for the parties, and transferred the case to the comprehensive tribunal on the same day.In the process of trial, the judge listened to both sides, combined with Yin one and his wife, one has to pay alimony and to be approved by the Yin daughter spending fees and other fees, given that contains the emotional distress compensation and techniques in the process of a certain in the care of Yin daughter do have other actual spending, eventually the judge discretion support, a certain return Yin daughter compensation of 1.5 million yuan,Achieves the legal effect and the social effect unification.Source: Zhongning County People’s Court review: Wang Ning editor: Ma Yue “share + like + see” tell more people around!

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