Jinrong, who had a good hand, asked Jolin to take his surname and share his property

“Soft rice hard eat” Jin Rong, a good hand to play rotten, asked Jolin and his communist surname.Jolin was racking her brains to deny her relationship with Eddie Peng and Jay Chou, only to be hit in the face by her father’s words.In 2011, Jolin Tsai was rumored to have a mixed-race boyfriend. CAI’s father was asked in an interview: Are you not surprised that your daughter found a mixed-race boyfriend?This out, CAI dad did not imagine the rage but calm reply, the implication is very obvious, CAI dad even tianwang lineup have seen, how can be afraid of Jin Rong?CAI father mouth of the matter even from 2002 underground night meeting of a photo.When Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai combined, it was called the Golden Child and jade Girl. The bottleneck period of Jolin Tsai’s career was that Jay Chou composed and wrote songs for her new album, and also brought the famous fang Wenshan to write lyrics for her, thus producing songs such as Prague Square, Chivalry, and rewind.In addition, jolin tsai also starred in jay Chou’s MV, jay concert guests, career and emotionally in tune, let countless people look forward to their Promised Land, can be officer xuan fans before, but to love jay and Patty, fans of meaning is also respect them, no longer forced group of cp, until after jolin tsai changed the people around,And they put it behind them.In 2006, Tsai met peng, who was not yet famous, and the two struck up an instant friendship. They were spotted together in London in 2007, during which time witnesses reported seeing them shopping together. Tsai was even photographed entering Peng’s house for four hours in March of the same year.Everyone in ke considerate dogs and many Jin Yujie, jolin tsai is denied, insists he is friends with peng, until a peng termination event, two people’s feelings also denied as cancelled and put an end, until 2011, CAI dad unexpected Revelations for the outside world to understand the truth of the matter, however, this is the another man proved to also want to thank the Lord.When Jay Chou met and Eddie Peng had a gossip, why did jolin Tsai fall on a male model?If Jay Chou is the indelible white moon in Jolin Tsai’s heart, then the relationship with male models must be her most regret. After two unspeakable love affairs with Jay Chou and Eddie Peng, Jolin tsai is more cautious about her relationship, but she did not expect that the next love waiting for her is a bigger abyss.In 2009 jolin tsai and four years younger male model Jin Rong gossip, Jin Rong is a New Zealand and Singapore hybrid, later turned to domestic development, but has been in a small transparent state, but career frustrated love, Jin Rong found a good girlfriend.2010 jin rong have emerged to jolin tsai MV men, two people love rise to the surface, the following three years, the two sides has been photographed many times with travel, but I don’t know whether out of maintenance to her boyfriend, she has refused to admit, until April 2014 CAI yilin in an interview, admitted that she does in association with jin rong.Perhaps with the experience of Jay Chou and Eddie Peng, Jolin tsai put down her power. Even though she is a diva with billions of dollars and tens of thousands of fans, she is still extremely considerate and even a little humble in this relationship.She is not the pursuit of luxury sports car and restaurants, but often with jin rong cheap to eat hot pot, even frugal life she opened a luxury car for ten years, but with a wave of his hand, hand to jin rong on the $3 million worth of luxury sports car, even in the birthday for his custom an exclusive license plate, the numerous net friend send blessings, that jolin tsai finally found Mr. Right.But when Jolin proposed marriage, Jinrong played the Qing dynasty, proposed three unequal premarital treaties, and demanded that she must abide by, or he would not marry her.Hard to eat soft rice first jin rong, unequal treaties, before marriage also requires that jolin tsai crown name, you read that right, the ordinary and confident man is jolin tsai boyfriend of six years, the wife to her husband’s surname, marital property ownership, after listening to his words, a lot of people said all of the 20th century could hear the qing dynasty, is really slippery world records.Want to know jolin in the entertainment circle is also known desperately three niang, have independent opinion have a mind, willing to follow the boy’s surname possibility and how much?After his remarks were questioned, Jinrong quickly clarified that his Chinese was not good and he didn’t mean it that way. Jolin didn’t say anything on the surface, but their relationship ended in 2016.Tsai didn’t say anything bad about her ex-boyfriend after the breakup, but Jin’s comments in the interview made Tsai look like a joke. When asked about her new criteria for choosing a mate, She said:Tall girls are suitable for me, and I don’t need to lower my head to talk. Although jolin Tsai was not clearly said to be short, the height difference of 30 cm between Jolin Tsai and Jinrong caused great controversy, and the discerning people should know who he was talking about.After hearing this, countless people felt sorry for Jolin, who said this about herself after breaking up with someone she had loved for six years. Fortunately, her sister was clear-headed and left this man in time. His ordinary confidence was not worthy of god’s love.However, Jolin Tsai’s influence in this relationship is also obvious. There has been no affair and no romance for many years, so it can be seen that Jinrong is not small shadow caused by her, but Jolin Tsai has become her queen without love.Now she has been T Bay artist value list number one, has more than 100 million double layer villa, in addition to all over the country and even abroad have real estate, no problem in the reality version of female president, no love is also free and easy, Jolin Tsai lived out the appearance of the new era of women.

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