Xie Guomin: The richest man in Thailand who can make Suthidat bow to his knees, the descendants will compete with Lee Jae-yong’s son

As you know, the Thai royal family is a magical place.After all, more than any other royal family, the gossip stories of Thailand’s royal palace feed half the city’s entertainment newspapers;Besides, their rules are confusing.Even now, officials like Ms. Yingluck have to kneel to speak to the royals.However, it is worth mentioning that one person has become an exception.When he salutes the king of Thailand, the king of Thailand will quickly stand up ready to help;When he was on his knees, Suthida, who was standing beside the King, had to kneel down.And it happened more than once.Who, then, had the power to make suthida, your queen, bow?He is Dhanin Dhanin, a Chinese businessman who has been Thailand’s richest man six times.Like Samsung in South Korea, Charoen Pokphand in Thailand covers every aspect of their lives.Mr Dhanin, who heads the group, is now worth $17.8bn.What makes people sigh is that, as a super rich, Xie Guomin has feelings and righteousness.The ex-wife of divorce is seriously ill, Xie Guomin prepares to fund her regardless of past grudges.So the media will praise: there is such a big parent, to raise the ability of children and grandchildren.It is no wonder that the sons and grandsons of Dhanin, also the richest man, are better than the sons of Samsung Lee Jae-yong.As the youngest son, Xie Guomin took over the family business. Xie Yichu was born in a village in Shantou city, Guangdong Province.Because he mastered the cultivation of straw mushroom technology, he is a famous craftsman.With a few acres of land, a wife and children, a farmer’s life is complete.Then, in 1922, a tidal wave hit the village.All their hard work went up in smoke and the family had trouble getting food to eat.At the time, several nearby villages were affected to varying degrees, making it difficult for Xie to find a place to work.Finally, xie Yi Chu, with all his family, decided to go to Thailand.In 1923, Xie Yichu opened a shop named zhengdazhuang Rapeseed Line in Bangkok, Thailand.A stranger in a foreign land, Xie Yichu is having a hard time.Fortunately, the person dutiful thanks yi chu, very quickly rely on the price of kid sou not deceit, and close service, in the local firm foothold.After that, they get married and have children.To remind him of his roots, Xie yichu named his four sons: Xie Zhengmin, Xie Damin, Xie Zhongmin and Xie Guomin.From a small rapeseed business to a branch of the Chia Pokphand Group, Hsieh yichu knows the most important thing is: choose a qualified successor.Finally, having tested his four sons for a long time, he decided to promote his youngest son, Dhanin.The fact proves, Xie Yi chu’s vision is really poisonous.Under Mr Dhanin, the brothers transformed cp Group into Thailand’s richest family conglomerate.In addition, their children and grandchildren are also ambitious.After Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee passed away, his children and grandchildren lost a lot.Mr Lee spent less than a year in prison before being told by the Justice ministry that he could not work at Samsung for five years.Then the media broke that Lee Jae-yong’s son, Lee Ji-ho, had been expelled from school.Several things have taken a big hit to Samsung’s reputation.In order to give everyone an explanation, Lee Jae-yong had to come out to apologize.He told Samsung and the public that he would never hand over the future of Samsung to his son.At that time, there were media reports that Samsung would be “destroyed” by Lee jae-yong.However, cp, also a family-run consortium led by Mr Dhanin, has had no such problems.When Chia Yi Chu handed over the command to Chia Min in the early days, CP was far from its current size.Unlike Samsung s son, He has three older brothers.Even under such circumstances, Dhanin was chosen as his successor.Therefore, after he came to power, he not only invested in more than 20 other countries, but also defied public opinion and regarded our side as the main investment destination.In the 1980s, Xie Yichu invested 10 million DOLLARS in Shenzhen.In order to expand his popularity, he also launched zhengda Variety Show in cooperation with TV stations.By 1997, the financial storm had hit Asia.Xie Guomin, who was in great difficulty, did not reduce our investment, but sold a lot of the property in Thailand.They actually make more money in Thailand!However, Dhanin said, where the withdrawal of funds, not cut this side.We can only say that Xie Guomin is a sincere businessman!In the following years, Cp Group weathered the tough times and turned the industry into a conglomerate all over Thailand.Just like Samsung in Korea, Cp Group is indispensable for Thai people’s clothing, food, shelter and transportation.Dhanin dhanin, who has been Thailand’s richest man six times, is one of the country’s leading entrepreneurs.Therefore, even if the proud queen Suthida, in the face of xie national, will take the initiative to bow down.Moreover, unlike Samsung, whose descendants are in short supply, there are many talented people in the Xie family.Apart from the children of his other brothers, I am filled with emotion when I look at his excellent descendants.Dhanin has had three wives, but the former wife gave birth to his three children before divorcing due to emotional disagreements.Later, when the first wife fell ill, the compassionate and just thanked the people and offered to help her.However, the stubborn original thought, since the separation, there is no dispute.So, she didn’t take it.Although their parents divorced, the three children became well-read and talented men.Among them, Xie Rongren is more skillful, quite like his father’s entrepreneurial style.He managed his own business well, not to mention doing business in the group.At that time, some media said that Xie Rongren might be the successor of Cp Group.Mr Dhanin, however, said it was ability that mattered.It can only be said that the offspring are excellent, and the head of the family has more choices.And unlike Mr Lee’s son, who was dropped out of school several times, Mr Xie’s son, Xie Cheng, is pretty good too.Although Xie Cheng was born in Thailand, he was at the request of his grandfather, learned to speak Fluent Chinese;In his school days, Xie Cheng was the pride of his parents.Xie Cheng, who was admitted to Huaqiao University and Tsinghua University in succession, is a worthy student with excellent grades.Therefore, after graduating from university, Xie Also quickly entered the group work.Today, Xie cheng is in charge of many of cp Group’s businesses in China.His children and grandchildren are better than Lee jae-yong, so he does not have to worry about having no successor.Not to mention, apart from their own children, other brothers several children and grandchildren, are also talented.It is no wonder that such entrepreneurs, who have love and righteousness and excellent descendants, have been successful.

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