Sanmao true Sahara journey: only love, like beggars live next to garbage, daily necessities by picking up

Introduction mentioned sanmao, a lot of literary youth, can present a lot of sanmao sentences in my mind.At the same time, there are a lot of lovers in love, hope to meet the love between SAN MAO and Jose.Have to sigh with emotion, sanmao for jose like and miss more than the Sahara desert sand more.Like, SAN MAO wants to go to the Sahara Desert, Jose resigned, accompany SAN MAO to go to the Sahara desert.The biggest challenge of living in the desert is that there is no water or electricity.In reality, however, Sanmao’s journey to the Sahara was fraught with challenges.Just look at the houses, like beggars, living next to garbage.Those daily necessities used in daily life are completely picked up by their own hands, with a straightforward words, only the original heart does not change is only love.But how could life be smooth?Under the accumulation of firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, it is also a no small test for the two people.And the love between SAN MAO and Jose, seems to have detached from the material basis, their most real scene is to live in the new house, just in SAN MAO picked up next to the garbage.In the eyes of others this is a rubbish heap, but in the eyes of Sanmao is a pile of incomparable baby, at the same time this is also “the most beautiful house”.Actually SAN MAO also experienced and Shu Fan’s feelings in the process of growth, and Shu Fan is also called the first love of SAN MAO.SAN MAO’s mom and dad, education for SAN MAO is not particularly hard, because SAN MAO’s academic performance is not particularly good, occasionally was laughed at by other students at school, it is because these scoffed at three hair to school the shadow cast by the place, no way to bear so depressive environment, so drop out altogether.For sanmao this kind of action, parents have expressed understanding, but also not forced sanmao.Don’t want to go to school to accept knowledge, SAN MAO’s parents at home to teach SAN MAO knowledge, however, SAN MAO’s personality or become special introverted, even some depression, often shut himself in a room, also don’t want to talk to the family.In order to be able to make sanmao’s personality change, Sanmao’s parents also thought of a lot of ways, such as please art teacher to teach Sanmao painting.Under the efforts of parents, sanmao’s character has finally changed, and also opened the heart.It was not until 1964 that he sat in the class of philosophy department of Chinese Culture University as an audit student again.This is a no small challenge for SAN MAO, came to school after the encounter than their older Shufan.In the ignorant years of youth, such a meeting did produce the flame of love.At that time SAN MAO is only 19 years old, under the ferment of love, the sense of security of SAN MAO is not strong as before, hope can bind oneself and Shu Fan through marriage together.However, shu Fan at that time did not think about graduation to get married, so the quarrel between the two people is more, to the end can only go their separate ways.In order to be able to get out of this love pain, SAN MAO went to Madrid, Spain, in the local Christmas, SAN MAO and his father went to his father’s friend’s house, according to local customs, at the moment of the bell of Christmas, you need to go out to embrace the first opposite sex they met.SAN MAO may not have thought at that time, go out to meet the first boy will have a lifelong relationship with yourself, and the boy is Jose, jose was only 18 years old.In Madrid, the pursuit of sanmao people or more, Jose is just one of them.Jose said to SAN MAO let SAN MAO wait for him for 6 years, after 4 years of school, and then go to serve two years of military service, marry SAN MAO home.At that time, Sanmao completely did not put the eyes of this 8 years younger than their boys said words, in the heart, after this did not long and a German professor, set a close.But no one expected that when they immediately entered the marriage hall, the husband had a heart attack and was taken away by the god of fate.Under the passage of time, to SAN MAO did not think of things is, Jose came back, and also fulfilled the promise of SAN MAO before.Sanmao’s love for the Sahara desert is beyond doubt, so Jose often accompanied Sanmao.Although in the Sahara desert inside the day is particularly hard, but the two of them are stronger than gold, but make sanmao a painful thing is, Jose in September 30, 1979, the unfortunate drowning.From then on, no Sahara desert came out, SAN MAO and Jose’s laughter.Conclusion if love, please try to love, sanmao and Jose than jin jian, make people envy unceasingly.When jose is not after, sanmao through the hands of pen and paper again and again recall their past, hope through these words, the story between them recorded.Such a love, and who does not yearn for it?

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