The vigor of Jinnan has come back

Jinyun news: Spring to the epidemic back.After the Spring Festival, snow and ice melt in Southern Tianjin, all walks of life face the spring breeze of the New Year, vitality begins to show.February 7, the first official day of work after the Spring Festival.Jinnan district held a meeting of all district-based officials to make plans for epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and mobilized the whole district to make up for the lost time and losses caused by the epidemic with full spirit, speed up the pace and pragmatic style, so as to ensure a good start to the New Year.On the same day, at the key work promotion meeting of the district government, the implementation of key construction projects in Jinnan District in the New Year, resumption of work and production of enterprises, investment attraction and other work were arranged in place at the first time.Yang Hao, deputy Secretary of Jinnan District Committee and District governor, said that in the New Year, Jinnan District firmly in accordance with the established growth targets, accelerate the construction of major projects, give full play to the role of the town and the park as the “main battlefield” of economic development, pay close attention to the main body of the project, realize the early start of projects, fast investment;We must carry forward the great spirit of fighting the epidemic, stick to both epidemic prevention and control and resume work and production, and promote the orderly resumption of work and production of enterprises in a coordinated manner.We should adhere to the word “fast” as the priority, start the battle of attracting investment in Southern Tianjin, make a good combination of “three and one batch”, attract more high-quality projects to land, and boost the green and high-quality development of southern Tianjin.The factory “turn” up, the enterprise “busy” up, the business “live” up, the city fireworks gas “rising” up……Street restaurants smell, roads are busy with traffic, and farmers’ markets are busy with business.With the footsteps of spring, the epidemic is far away and jinnan’s vitality is back.Disinfection, temperature measurement, code scanning……Enterprises and factories in Jinnan District resumed work and production in an orderly manner.In Tianjin Haier Washing Machine Interconnection Factory, three of the four assembly lines have been opened, and the staff on duty are divided into three shifts.The automatic production equipment in the production plate such as sheet metal and injection molding line body is also at full capacity.Efficient connection between each station, a busy scene.”On the sixth day of the first month of the Lunar New Year, the district and town governments arranged for medical workers to come to their homes and take nucleic acid tests for the employees who returned to work in just two hours.Soon, we got a negative nucleic acid test report, so we could start work on the seventh day of the first lunar month.”Tianjin Haier washing machine interconnection factory vice general manager Wang Liwei introduced, at present, the enterprise still has a small employment gap, jinnan district bureau of people and social services to take the initiative to help solve the employment problem, for the end of February is about to lift the first peak production to provide human security.It is understood that in June this year, Haier washing machine will launch high-end new models.The production team is working hard to do the preparatory work, do enough work on personnel, equipment, technology and other aspects, shorten the run-in period, in order to achieve the goal of production.Wang Liwei expressed confidence in jinnan district to achieve a new breakthrough, and then climb a new peak of production.Rongcheng Group has prepared a red envelope for its employees at the beginning of the New Year, implying a thriving New Year.In the workshop, workers carefully check the operation of equipment, safety disclosure and monitoring in advance.At the same time, in the production workshops of Lilin Group, Elock Communication and other enterprises, machines are roaring, and all production links are in full play, presenting a busy production scene everywhere.With the resumption of work and production, life in Jinnan is getting stronger.”This is your data, please take it!”Xinzhuang town government service hall also fully restored operations.Window staff are dealing with each business earnestly for the residents.Xinwangli community Party and mass service center staff busy counting rice, flour, grain and oil, these living allowances will be distributed to the families.Not far from the party and crowd service center, workers at vegetable markets and supermarkets are also busy stocking up.Fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, eggs and milk are put on the shelves, waiting for residents to choose.Aunt Lu, a resident who was busy shopping for fruit, said she could buy anything she wanted now and life was “back on track” as before.(Duan Wei, reporter from Jinyun) Source: Jinyun

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