Why to say must not buy commercial housing bought commercial housing to live to regret is how to return a responsibility

Why don’t buy commercial housing to buy commercial housing self living what is regret commercial housing concept is not the same with ordinary residential housing, commercial residential buildings for two, just as a storefront downstairs, can be upstairs as housing, price is preferential, property is only 50 years, but many people suggest not to buy commercial housing, don’t feel worthwhile, that why don’t buy commercial housing?Bought commercial housing to live oneself regret is how to return a responsibility?It is understood that most of the people who bought commercial housing for their own living regret is affected by the shortcomings of commercial housing, its shortcomings are as follows:1, living comfort level is not high commercial housing is half, and half to live, so compared with the general community, is more noisy, not as quiet residential area, commercial housing LOFT apartments are more common, are usually divided into two layers, but the second layer is relatively low, is to live in depressed, commercial housing generally not equipped with a parking lot,Parking is also very inconvenient for residents.2, loan pressure now many people will choose to buy loans, but in terms of commercial housing loans, it is generally not able to apply for provident fund loans, the use of bank loans, the loan amount is generally less, the interest is slightly higher, the loan life is shorter, then the economic pressure of home buyers will be relatively large.3 parts, only allowed to settle for the majority of the buyers, its aim is not just to live that buy a house, may be in order to settle, but most of the area of commercial residential buildings for two is difficult to settle and parts is only allowed to settle, so for buyers want to buy a house in, buy commercial housing is difficult to achieve its set objectives.4, short property rights of commercial housing property rights only 40 or 50 years, generally speaking, the property rights of the house is 70 years, commercial housing property rights is reduced 20-30 years, if the house property rights expire, but also to spend money is to extend the period, is not acceptable to many people, may be renewed the application will be rejected.5, listed transaction restricted commercial housing property rights only 40 or 50 years, the property life is small, buyers are more willing to buy 70 years of property rights of the house, its service life will be longer, can be automatically renewed, in terms of transaction taxes and fees, commercial housing need to pay more fees.6, high water and electricity costs the water and electricity costs of general residential houses are very cheap, because you can enjoy the tax and fee concessions provided by the state.But for commercial housing is the commercial nature of the house is not, so even if used to live, but also in accordance with the standard of the commercial building charges, not only water and electricity will be much higher, property costs will be much higher than the general residential district.7, the location of the surrounding facilities are poor commercial housing is commercial land, generally there is no residential housing as perfect peripheral facilities, but also because the geographical location of commercial housing is mostly in the commercial district, may be far from the hospital, school, will make the residents inconvenient life.

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