Good news!The International Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Center of Yellow River Hospital was put into trial operation

Lynn Shi Xueqin/room Has precious little figure on March 29, the Yellow River sanmenxia hospital cancer center work together with Australian ICON group international tumor diagnosis and treatment center ICON was successfully boot commissioning, the day that marks the Yellow River, the hospital will integrate domestic and international high-quality medical resources, precision bearing tumor patients, personalized and comprehensive medical services.In the past, people talked about “cancer”, but now accurate cancer treatment. Facing the improvement of people’s health needs, ICON International Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Center of Yellow River Hospital is equipped with “Varian TrueBeam Linear Accelerator” and other high-tech advanced radiotherapy equipment, which can provide precise, individual and complete treatment services for cancer patients.It will effectively improve the hospital’s diagnosis and treatment capacity of difficult tumor diseases.The Yellow River Sanmenxia hospital radiotherapy department director Li Zongmin told The Video reporter dahe Daily yu, the center’s smooth opening, not only can realize the early detection of tumor diseases, early diagnosis, early treatment, but also can let the patients do not have to seek medical treatment can enjoy domestic and international well-known experts high-quality diagnosis and treatment services.”The Yellow River, the hospital diagnosis and treatment center will use ICON professional experience in the field of tumor treatment, focusing on the whole process of comprehensive cancer treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, for the treatment of cancer patients with advanced technology, improve the quality of life and prolong life, bring yu jin shan golden triangle region of the tumor patients with better health services.”Li Zongmin said.

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