The most beautiful color of the anti-epidemic line at the airport

Peninsula all media reporter Sun Guidong sticks to it and appears every time “needed”.There are those who are “bad” husbands who can’t be there for their loved ones;They are “unfit” fathers, unable to guard their young children with generous arms;However, they are the most “handsome” contrarian, on the road to the epidemic area, they unswervingly, in front of the charge.They day and night, stick to, although tired, but their eyes are still bright, because they know that this is a game can only advance can not retreat, can only win can not lose the battle.Airport public security sub-bureau in the battlefield without smoke of gunpowder, emerged a moving story, a moving moment.Joining the Party is both a honor and a responsibility. If I can join the Party on fire, it will be the glory of my life.I want to charge in front, dedication in front, at any time to accept the test of the Party organization.”Airport police internship fu Qiang to the temporary party branch submitted his application to join the Party.After receiving the call for reinforcements, Fu Qiang took the initiative to apply for input into the frontline work of fighting the epidemic. Under the leadership of the temporary Party branch, he was not afraid of difficulties and stuck to the frontline of fighting the epidemic day and night.”I am eager to become a Communist party member just like them because I have felt the exemplary leadership of the temporary Party branch in the epidemic prevention work, the spirit of selfless work and the responsibility of leading the charge,” Fu said when submitting the application.In the fight against the epidemic, I am willing to be an unyielding screw until the last moment of victory.”Wang Ning, assistant police officer of the Airport Public Security Sub-bureau, had a very memorable birthday at the nucleic acid detection point.There is no cake, there is no family to accompany, but the task has made him feel the sublimation of the Party spirit, experienced the youth auxiliary police responsibility and feelings for the people.An old man at the scene of the duty in the process, operation difficult and not accompanied by family members, wang ning active come forward to help, and led the old man walk the nucleic acid testing the whole process, actively assist the epidemic prevention work personnel to provide help to people in need of help, for the convenience of service, to ensure the safety of nucleic acid testing well, by the praise and praise of the masses at the scene.Give up the small family to take care of everyone’s most “beautiful” adhere to the epidemic is the command.Liu Zongtao, assistant police officer of the airport public Security Bureau, entrusted his infant son to his wife and his young daughter to his parents. With his wife’s support and parents’ entrust, he rushed to the front line of the fight against the epidemic.He was in the forefront, fearless of danger, actively assisted the police, organized the auxiliary police members to stick to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and implemented the original intention and mission of an ordinary Party member with practical actions.He insisted on fighting at the forefront, carrying out the task of maintaining the order of nucleic acid testing sites, coordinating and transporting materials, and taking the lead in carrying materials himself without complaining or feeling tired, which provided a strong guarantee for the normal operation of epidemic prevention.There are still many such people on the front lines of the fight against the epidemic, rushing to the front lines to protect people’s lives and contribute to the fight against the epidemic.United as one, the airport public security has built a solid barrier against the epidemic by rallying the great strength of solidarity and working together to fulfill the loyal responsibility of the airport police in the new era.

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