Two gold MEDALS in the short track!Women’s 1500m/men’s 5000m relay groups confirmed

Seven of the nine gold MEDALS in short track speed skating will be decided at the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 16.China won two gold MEDALS, one silver and one bronze, the Netherlands two gold and one silver, South Korea one gold and two silver, Hungary one gold and two bronze, Italy one gold and one silver, Canada one silver and two bronze, Russia one silver and one bronze, and Belgium one bronze.The women’s 1,500-meter and men’s 5,000-meter relay events will determine the final gold, silver and bronze MEDALS, and China’s short track speed skating team will make another bid for gold, especially in the relay, which will change the silver medal it won in Pyeongchang.The women’s 1500m quarterfinal groups are as follows. The top three and the fastest three fourth-place finishers in each group will advance to the semifinals. China’s Zhang Yuting, Han Yutong and Zhang Chutong will compete.In group one, Zhang’s biggest competition is South Korea’s Choi Min-jeong, who has already won two silver MEDALS in the women’s 1,000m and relay.Rianne won relay gold with the Netherlands, but the 31-year-old was no threat to Zhang yuting.These three are the best in our group.The second group, 31-year-old veteran Fang Tana, veteran of the Four Dynasties of the Winter Olympics.She won the gold medal in the women’s 500 meters at the hands of Shulting and helped Italy win the silver medal in the mixed relay.Kim Yarang is no. 2 in the Korean women’s team and a key player in the women’s 3,000-meter relay for silver.Group 3, Santos is known as a master of chaos, starting first she will certainly take the lead skating position, the United States so far has not won the short track, she will definitely fight for a podium.Sandra is a new winter Olympic champion, only 20 years old, and she will definitely try to qualify for the semifinals.The fourth group, Han Yutong should pay attention to the two Russian players, not much pressure to advance.Group 5, Kim Buting is the strongest player in the group, followed by Lee Youbin.The former finished third in the 500m final to Fontana and Shulting. As the world no. 1, he has only one bronze medal, which shows how strong his ambition for gold is.In the sixth group, Zhang Chutong was under great pressure, not only with the gold king Shulting, but also with demei, the third place in 1000 meters.Russia’s Ekaterina is also a strong competitor.From the point of view of individual strength, The Chinese team is the most hopeful to advance to the final when Zhang Yuting, and the final opponent is most likely to be Shulting, Jin Buting, Fang Tana, Cui Minjing, hope that four people strive against the oyster, Zhang Yuting fishing people benefit.At the same time, Han And Zhang Chutong also want to go all-out to fight, and strive to draw a satisfactory end.The South Korean men’s 5,000m relay final consists of Hwang Dae-heon, Lee Joon-soo, Park Jang-hyuk, Kwak Yoon-ki and Kim Dong-wook. Hwang dae-heon, who has been criticized for his competitive style, has already won gold in the 1,500m.Park Jang-hyuk, who was injured in a clash with Italy’s Pietro Sigel in the 1,000m quarterfinals, will also play with a hand injury, which he said will not affect the race.The Russian style of the same group is tough, like to play on the collar slide position.Italy’s backstroke explosive force is extremely strong, short track several thousand point gap have their shadow.Canada has a balanced team, especially good at relay coordination.The semifinal was divided into the fifth channel because of the knife was judged to be the final. If The Chinese team wants to break out and win the championship, it is not only proper tactics, but also good competition and mental state.

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