The end of the Spring Festival holiday by high-speed rail feeling

He party sitting in the window and looked at me on the train every time very grateful life grateful for the world even if be the winter nothing grows even fog frequented by the north China plain is still can go through in the form of such continuous trees and fields of the earth after the eternal life is accelerated in the form of fast forward present when we place oneself among them have not found the beautiful roads,I was one of them and I could come back from far away when I got out of the car and I could look down on the place where I lived,Troubles will be put down to life down sorrow to lay down their anxiety detachment along the path just at the window down your watch to go through small villages and village side of the river through the walls under the tree and the tree rows of dam after look at least from the appearance of the world though I clearly know the beauty of the picture doesn’t mean behind the image not beautiful but still willing to indulge in thisI thought that the highest value and meaning in the world was just the beauty of the picture itself. Everything else existed only in the sense that I had to fight with it. What I wanted to remember was never to let the fight itself affect my wandering on the earth

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