The Power of Patience: The Battle between Wu and Vietnam

In the spring and autumn period and the warring states period c forces swelling weeks royal power gradually weak, under the circumstances that have strong power of c unavoidably was born to seek hegemony the ambitions of the world, are all in each other, both the central plains, but the rise of the two kingdoms in the south, one is wu is more, although in the beginning of building the kingdom of the two sides are brothers,But as the elapse of time, this kindness is exhausted already, both sides often fight to fight for limited resources, to later both sides is more anxious to divide the other side after fast.Wu due to its site so development more rapidly than yue, after he ascended the throne, prince he lu wu zixu, he appointed military commanders “嚭 forces to further expand and others will be the kingdom of wu in order to obtain more resources he lu decisive attack against going abroad, and after five years of conquering, chu defeat, but wu soldiers also is tired, he lu at the sight of this only BanShiHuiChao ready to rest.When He lu led his troops back to China, he heard the news of great mourning from the State of Yue. When he heard the news, he quickly said, “God helps me.” He then asked people to make plans to attack the state of Yue at this time.Wu zixu heard hurried advice he lu said soldiers tired now really can’t to conquering the worst he lu said such an opportunity, and now we are dominant, and let’s carry the victory of inevitable can triumph, wu zixu want to persuade, he lu said to me that wu zixu who has to prepare.When King Goujian of Yue heard this news, he got angry and said that the soldiers of The state of Wu had bullied others too much. With his encouragement, the soldiers of the state of Yue were in high spirits. Seeing this, Gou Was very satisfied with it.Gou Jian then said, “In this case, you will follow me to attack the state of Wu and let them know that we are powerful.”Prince he lu came to the city before the challenge, goujian let people use devices induced 13 in qinghua, take this opportunity to goujian launched an attack, he lu was the army dozen of savage let-down and flee, king how can miss this opportunity to pursue stoutly, watched he lu to escape, goujian decisive shot an arrow, he lu in under the cover of the arrow again after all fled back to the kingdom of wu.Lu still did not get better after treatment, he knew his time was coming, he called his son Fuchai to his side and said, I am not good, but you must remember the shame now, the recovery of our state of Wu, Fuchai heard his father’s words solemnly said that you can rest assured that I will not disappoint you.Began 13 in fu after achieving, whenever his mind laches of love, then take out dead cause he lu arrow says you don’t forget his revenge, isn’t ready to achieve their ideal, said several times after q&a can he determined inner belief, overcome their own civic then play things, under the leadership of wu fu in more and more prosperous.Follow the spring and autumn period and the dominant strategy, change the pattern of life who learn countries since 99 yuan to buy column goujian beat off after he lu was comfortable, for yue army while still regards training, but is far less than the fu, in such a state in the blink of an eye three years later, goujian thinks his forces have been restored and decisive gusu city rate army attack on the kingdom of wu,However, Fu Chai, the king of Wu, had prepared for this. Once again, the army of Yue was completely destroyed.At any time, individuals must keep rational enough. Although they have won a big victory, they must consider their own actual situation. Otherwise, it is easy to be induced by the immediate victory to make wrong decisions, which will bring great harm to themselves.For more exciting content, follow the disseminators of literary knowledge

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