Tian Jun, Secretary of Xinji Municipal Party Committee: Accelerate the construction of modern high-quality medium-sized city

Question: At the 10th CPC Congress of Hebei Province, it was proposed to speed up the construction of “six modernized Hebei”.How can Xindi fully implement the spirit of the sixth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, the 10th Provincial Party Congress, and the economic work conference of the central and provincial party committees, and strive to be the vanguard of accelerating the construction of a strong modern economy and beautiful Hebei?Tian Jun:Xinji city comprehensive implementation of the CPC Central Committee decision deployment and provincial party committee work requirements, to the secretary and the provincial party committee to dong-feng wang table construction “six modern hebei” requirements, to walk in the forefront of the standard is put forward, in the next five years, xinji should further made play a good institutional advantages, to create a national civilized city, national sanitary city, national forest city,To speed up the construction of modern high quality medium-sized city, is promoting the modernization of industry system, the innovation to create, and promote the urban and rural integration, the modernization of environmental protection, also promote the spiritual civilization of social governance, the modernization, efforts to achieve economic development, urban and rural areas as a whole, the ecological environment, social management, the people’s livelihood security “five high quality”,Xinji will continue to create a new situation of high-quality economic and social development, sound and fast development, and strive to be the vanguard of accelerating the construction of a strong modern economy, beautiful Hebei province.Reporter: What specific ideas and measures does Xinji have for the goal of building a modern and high-quality medium-sized city?Tian Jun: General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly told us that empty talk will harm the country, but solid work will prosper it.In order to achieve the goal of building a modern, high-quality medium-sized city in an all-round way, we have formulated specific measures to ensure and implement it. To sum up, we are vigorously implementing project 1253.”1″ is to focus on “one goal” and not waver.We will fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development philosophy, firmly focus on the goal of building a modern, high-quality medium-sized city in an all-round way, and maintain an indomitable spirit of fighting and winning. We will have the final say, set our sights on what we can do, and we will make every effort to seize the day and make every effort to ensure that our goals are fulfilled and blueprints drawn regularly.”2″ means to keep both hands together and not relax.As a whole pays special attention to the normalized epidemic prevention and control and the economic and social development, high quality firmly to “ten” 30 “prevention and control measures fell fine implementation in place, pays special attention to the outside input screen, wearing masks, pass forward” three action “, to the epidemic prevention and control of initiative, firmly to gain the initiative in economic work, to ensure that hard to do two hands, two and two.”53” means we will not slack off in carrying out the “five threes” project.The “five 3”, that is, to concentrate on creating a national modern agriculture demonstration zone, state-level economic development zone, national comprehensive free trade zone “three construction”, to concentrate on the old city reconstruction and new city construction, rural revitalization of the “three may lessen the force”, to concentrate on the atmosphere, water, soil, governance “three-pronged”, to concentrate on production safety and social stability, anti-corruption “three line”,We will lay a solid foundation for realizing this blueprint by focusing on the three priorities of improving people’s wellbeing, improving the quality of life, and promoting new trends of civilization.Question: In the “1253” project you mentioned just now, the first “3” is to strive for the development of “three zones” — national modern agriculture demonstration zone, national economic development zone and national comprehensive free trade zone. What are the considerations behind this goal?Tian Jun: The construction of the three zones is not only an important measure to accelerate the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries, but also an urgent need for the optimization and upgrading of xinji’s industrial structure, the transformation of old and new driving forces, and the upgrading of its comprehensive strength.First, strive to create a national modern agriculture demonstration area.Relying on the “digital” rural pilot, modernization of the national agricultural science and technology leading the city and country malan rural revitalization of the institute construction, deep structural reforms to boost agricultural supply side, the construction of modern agricultural industry system, production system, management system, form a strong support for secondary and tertiary industries, constantly enhance the level of agriculture “succession”, build modern agriculture sustainable development pilot area in the province.Second, striving for a state-level economic development zone.Provincial strategic emerging industry demonstration base, relying on advanced development zone, level promotion demonstration economic development zone, hebei xinji economic development zone, vigorously implement the strategy of innovation driven development, promote the quality of city and standardization strategy, to speed up cultivating growing high-end equipment manufacturing, information intelligence, new display material and other strategic emerging industries, build going south advanced manufacturing high ground.Third, strive to create a national comprehensive bonded area.Relying on our province the only inland port imported meat specified regulation – xinji bonded logistics center, services and integrated into the new development pattern actively, to intensify the financial center, logistics, warehousing, processing, trade, and other functions, makes the “radiation in north China, jingjinji area” the modern cold chain products trading hub and high-end cold-chain logistics industry base,We will significantly increase the share of the service sector in the national economy.Reporter: Xinji’s urban construction has always been in the forefront of the province. What new measures and ideas will Xinji have in urban construction in the New Year?Tian Jun: First, speed up the building of an international leather capital.We firmly implement the requirements of “building an international fur capital” put forward by Secretary Wang Dongfeng during the investigation in Xinfi, and make ecological fur garment industry better and stronger. We are listed as one of the first key demonstration industrial clusters in The province and identified as FURMARK China Base by the International Fur Association.The China International FUR Fashion Fair (BEIJING FUR), which was originally held in BEIJING, has permanently settled in Xinfi, marking a solid step towards becoming the “international FUR capital”.In the next step, we will further promote the ecological fur clothing industry to strengthen research and development design, improve production technology, strengthen brand construction, and innovate marketing mode. By 2025, the revenue will reach 150 billion yuan.At the same time, we are contacting Denmark Fur Auction house to undertake its international fur auction. It is estimated that the annual turnover will reach 6-9 billion DOLLARS, further consolidating the foundation of “international fur Capital”.Second, we will comprehensively draw up the framework for developing medium-sized cities.We focus on planning and implementing major transportation projects such as Xiongzheng Expressway shijin to Shiheng section, Shixiong intercity Xinji Branch line, 307 National Road northward, Hengjing Line southward, general airport, etc., to build a large transportation network pattern with double circulation from line to network, municipal area and surrounding area, and further optimize the development space of medium-sized cities.Third, we will effectively improve urban functions.We vigorously carried out the urban renewal campaign, focusing on upgrading 25 old residential areas, five old water supply networks, markets for the convenience of people, and public parking lots. We increased the amount of green space in cities across the board, and completed the main construction of grade-III hospitals to make urban life better.Reporter: Last year, Xindi carried out the practical activities of “I do practical things for the people”, and made great efforts to improve people’s livelihood, further enhancing people’s sense of gain.What new measures will Xinji take this year to achieve new breakthroughs in ensuring and improving people’s livelihood?Tian Jun: In 2022, we will continue to increase input in improving people’s wellbeing, ensure and improve people’s wellbeing, and make great efforts to address the people’s urgent, difficult and anxious needs, so as to increase their sense of gain, happiness and satisfaction.Recently, on the basis of extensive solicitation of public opinions and suggestions, we have planned 15 municiply-level projects related to people’s livelihood in 2022, including education, health care, employment, transportation, culture, environmental protection and food safety.At the same time, municipal departments and township and village levels are also planning for the livelihood of the people at all levels.We will keep in mind the jinping general secretary “people centered” entrust talk, do one thing after another, year after year, for a long time for work, good good, to bring the warmth of the party and the government to the hearts of the masses, assaying the fineness of xinji fellows get feeling more, happiness more sustainable, security more secure.(Li Shujia, reporter of Hebei Daily, Zhang Wen, King Junfeng) Follow Hebei News network for the latest news in Hebei.

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