Emergency alert!Beware of fraud by posing as “leaders”!

Is it very respectable for the “leader” to take the initiative to add you?”Leadership” a greeting greeting……Will you help me transfer the money later?If you are still hesitating now, then you are totally “lost”!The Spring Festival will come to criminals posing as leadership fraud again!Today, a victim received a wechat friend’s application for a profile picture and nickname of an important leader “leader” after asking for help, saying that his friend was in urgent need of money and it was not convenient for him to transfer to the other side.I do not need to worry “in the face of” leadership “trust the victim agreed to a two people agreed without saying anything money by” leading “to the victim by its again to” friend “kingdom” leaders “of the money has not turned into the victim’s account and citing large transfer delay friend needed money for the transfer as soon as possible after the event found were tricked into money has to account to be fooled fraud amount up to 1.95 million yuan1, posing as leadership initiative to add buddy cheater through illegal channels, steal the masses all the contacts on the phone’s address book contact information, then send information accurate, cheats on unit organization structure, personnel, contact information, such as a camouflage, then through WeChat or QQ area “net” add as a friend related personnel;There are more clumsy gimmick is through the network to find the leader’s personal photos (such as public photos), with the real name or so-and-so director, secretary as a nickname.(How many people use their credentials to pose for pictures and identify themselves?)2, easy-going words close the distance cheater with the tone of concern about the enterprise, and even offered to help the victim to solve difficulties, greatly reduce the heart of the alert, to obtain the trust of the victim.3, get into the business, transfer request and then for a variety of reasons (project financing, capital turnover, is to work the inconvenience, etc.) to induce the victim to transfer (some lure the victim interview beforehand, but citing conference, emergency temporary change horses in midstream, request transfer do not stop urge, let a person too late thinking).And once the victim turn money or remittance, in cheater trap, the other side can shield the victim cannot get in touch.In the past cases, there are cheater to defraud the victim of all bank card amount, in the first transfer, will be delayed by the bank business time or to forge the PS transfer bill to win trust, induced the victim to operate again, with this long line fishing big fish, the masses of money cheat!Police tip 1, involving transfer, remittance and other matters, do not contact through QQ or wechat and other network tools, all in QQ and wechat mentioned transfer remittance, do not easily believe, must call to verify, to prevent lawbreakers to exploit loopholes.Their QQ and wechat do not expose too much specific information, such as occupation, address, name and so on.2, do not add people friends easily, or can not enter other circle of friends, the computer regularly antivirus, patches, to prevent illegal elements borrow Trojan horse stolen information.3. The company shall formulate detailed financial examination and approval rules and regulations, strictly enforce the appropriation process, and forbid the use of telephone, QQ, wechat and other communication tools to issue appropriation instructions.Meanwhile, the management of seals should be strengthened.The shopping seal and U shield must be kept by special personnel or more than one person. They should be carried with them during work and placed in the safe during non-working hours.4. Don’t click or download files or links from strangers.Once you are sure that the other party is a fraud, please call 110 immediately to report.

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