Nadal, 3-1, one step away from winning 21 titles, bared his white teeth, threw away his racket and embraced his opponent

Nadal defeated Beretini 3-1 to return to the Final of the Australian Open in a head-to-head clash between six and seven seed Rafael Nadal.After several rounds of contest, nadal and berea tiny head-on in the semi-finals, a total of 20 grand slam champion rafael nadal career, but most of them are are got in the French open, the Australian is clearly not his lucky, passing into 5 times to the Australian open final, just got a champion, but this time, he ushered in a chance to win again,The absence of djokovic, the most popular champion, is obviously good news for the other contenders.Nadal went through a tough match in the last round and had to go to the tiebreaker, which may have taken a lot out of him physically, but Nadal is experienced enough to know how to adjust himself in these tournaments.At this time, Beretini first game into the Australian Open quarterfinals, has refreshed the personal best result, he is also the world’s top player, but compared with Nadal, no matter experience, or hard power, are in the wind, the second phase in the previous record against the big three is quite bad, Nadal promotion hope is greater.The first set match, Nadal grasped the fourth count of the opportunity, the first set 6-3 easily won, the second set, Beretini errors more, Nadal stronger smooth, 6-2 again under the city.In the third set, Beretini broke first in the eighth game and then won four straight points to take the set 6-3.The fourth set, Nadal won 6-3, 3-1 to advance to the final.3-1 to reach the final, Nadal is one step away from 21 Grand Slam titles!After the match, he showed his white teeth, smiled, threw down his racquet and, of course, hugged Beretini.

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