Shenzhen Airlines launched a complimentary zunpeng Pavilion lounge product for purchase of Y cabin

In order to enrich members’ rights and improve passengers’ travel experience, Shenzhen Airlines recently launched a complimentary zunpengge VIP lounge product for purchase of economy class Y class.From April 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022, Phoenix Zhiyin members can enjoy zunpengge VIP lounge service by taking economy class Y class of domestic flights originating from Shenzhen Airlines in 10 cities including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Wuxi, Nanchang, Nanjing, Nanning, Shenyang, Xi ‘an and Quanzhou.Passengers can enjoy the service at zunpeng Pavilion lounge in the above cities only with their boarding passes.It is reported that zun Peng Ge lounge of Shenzhen Airlines has a leisure area, reading area, Internet area (business area), massage area, bar and other functional areas, to provide passengers with a comfortable environment and high quality intimate service.Passengers who have travel needs in the near future can book tickets through shenzhen Airlines APP, Shenzhen Airlines mini program, Shenzhen Airlines official website, Shenzhen Airlines mobile official website, Shenzhen Airlines authorized ticket service providers and other channels, or call Shenzhen Airlines 24-hour service hotline 95361 for consultation.

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