The heart!Demarcus Cousins is out of work again…

The heart!Demarcus Cousins is out of work again…Ten days have passed since DeMarcus Cousins signed a 10-day contract with the Denver Nuggets.From that point on, Cousins would once again join the ranks of the league’s unemployed.Although Denver nuggets reporter Mike Singer reports that the team is likely to re-sign center DeMarcus Cousins to a 10-day contract.But As the trade deadline nears, the schedule can become erratic, Singer noted.That said, even though it’s highly likely that the Nuggets will re-sign Cousins to a 10-day contract, it’s by no means a sure thing, and there’s a lot of uncertainty and unknown possibilities.To be honest, Cousins’s competitive form this season has been really good.In 17 games with the Milwaukee Bucks, Cousins averaged 9.1 points and 5.8 rebounds while shooting 46.6 percent from the field.On the day he was waived by the Bucks, he had a double-double with 15 points and 10 rebounds.And after come to the Denver nuggets, Cousins of the state is still online, in the past ten days he has played five games for the team, be able to get 6 points 7 rebounds, 1 assists, 0.8 steals and 0.2 blocks, while the data is not as good in the bucks, but can say already very good, he was totally worth the contract from the nuggets for ten days.Demarcus Cousins has played so well for the Nuggets in the past 10 days that coach Michael Malone is reluctant to give up on him.Earlier in the nuggets’ home victory over the Brooklyn Nets, Cousins had five points, nine rebounds and two assists on 2-of-6 shooting in 16 minutes.After the game, Malone talked about DeMarcus Cousins’s 10-day contract expiring. “When he plays, he’s a positive influence,” Malone said of Cousins’s performance.I’ll talk to Tim Connelly about Cousins and see if I can keep him.”It’s clear coach Malone is eager to keep Cousins and keep him on the team so he can coach him.But In the past five games, Cousins has again demonstrated his powder keg personality, picking up four technical fouls and averaging an embarrassing 0.8 per game.To be honest, kaogod should rein in his temper, after all, the wages are not high in the first place, you have to pay multiple technical foul fines to the league, why bother?As the first all-powerful center of the league, the former interior overlord, to now down and out to make a living by temporary work vagabonds, is very piercing heart!It also makes people have to feel incomparable regret and regret for Cousins’ career!The injury completely destroyed his original should have been brilliant, now he is left with only abjection and bitterness!The only thing that hasn’t changed is Cousins’ hyper-explosive powder keg personality.For kao God, we only silently bless!Hopefully he can continue to play in the NBA, because he definitely has the ability to make it in the league, he still belongs here.All he really needs is a chance to keep playing!

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