Zhangzhou leaders visited Zhangzhou High-tech Zone to investigate and promote the construction of “one medicine, one Wisdom” industrial park

Minnan network – on January 26 (minnan network reporter Correspondent has grown two millimeters Lou dragons Iwslt article/photo) recently, zhangzhou level inspector, “a drug think-tank” industrial park headquarters deputy commander Zhang Yiteng led to zhangzhou zhangzhou straight related department high-tech research “a medicine think-tank” industrial park construction, and visits condolences part of the masses and difficulties of party members,To the Party and the government’s care and warmth.In the symposium held, Zhang Yiteng listen to the “one medicine one wisdom” industrial park work to promote the current situation, on-site coordination to solve the existing problems, he stressed that to implement the system, further improve the relevant funds approval system and process, to ensure the use of financial funds safe, standard and effective;We should focus on ensuring factors of production in a precise and effective manner, speed up the improvement of supporting infrastructure, and spare no effort to provide services to key projects.We should attract the strong and the new, boost the development and construction of industrial parks with high-quality investment, and vigorously promote the construction of “one medicine, one wisdom” industrial parks.Before the meeting, Zhang Yiteng and his delegation went to Bandafang village and Caoban Village in Jingyuanzhen Village, Zhangzhou High-tech Zone to visit the poverty-stricken people and CPC members, learn about their health, families and children’s education, and send condolent money and New Year’s greetings.Zhangzhou leadership encourages everybody to want to firm the confidence, the unyielding, always keep optimistic attitude towards life, at the same time told zhangzhou high-tech zone authorities always took notice of the changes in temperature of the masses, and actively implement the urban and rural subsistence allowances and other social assistance policies, one thousand party hundreds, sincerely help them and make difficult people truly feel the warmth of the party and the government,Let everyone have a peaceful and happy Spring Festival.Source: Minnan.com

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