Haikou water will be supplied on the fastest day

From application to water, less than 24 hours to complete.This speed really let people bank international science and technology (Hainan) Co., LTD.Recently, Haikou Open Source Water Co., LTD. (including Yongzhuang Water Co., LTD.) has continued to optimize the business environment, optimize and upgrade the business process, application materials, link control, time nodes and other aspects of water application, and take multiple measures simultaneously to improve the convenience, satisfaction and sense of gain of water application for enterprises.Tongshuiminyin International Technology (Hainan) Co., LTD., headquartered in Beijing, will settle in Hainan in 2021.At present, it is located in Meian Ecological Science and Technology New Town, Haikou National High-tech Zone, focusing on headquarters building and pharmaceutical research and development.Years ago, Zhao Guiltiness came to Haikou Yongzhuang water company customer service hall application for water.Yongzhuang company quickly responded to the customer’s urgent demand for water, opened the green channel, immediately handled the account opening and application, organized the relevant departments to investigate the scene in the afternoon of the same day, determined the scheme and organized the construction.”The whole process from application to supply of water takes less than 24 hours, which lays a foundation for our smooth work.”Zhao Guilu said, compared with some other cities, haikou water application is not only fast, simple process, service is also very good.It is understood that Haikou Open Source Water Co., LTD. (including Yongzhuang Water Co., LTD.) actively explores innovation, optimizes and upgrades the business process of water application and loading, application materials, link control, time nodes and other aspects, establishes and improves the application and loading service process.To form a new model of water use reporting work with zero legwork, zero approval, efficient shortage tolerance and replicable promotion, namely the “212” water use reporting service model.”‘ 212 ‘water application service mode, that is, water application only needs two links and one application material, normally it can be connected in two working days.”Haikou Open source Water Co., LTD. Related person in charge of the introduction, at present, Haikou water, including investigation site and construction of two links.The fastest water application can even be made on the same day, the same day to achieve water.Haikou water report efficient, inseparable from the “plumber” accurate service.In order to improve the quality of water service, Haikou has implemented “plumber” precise service on the water report. The project leader will provide “one-to-one” considerate service throughout the whole process, and the “user run” has been changed to “enterprise run”.It is reported that users can through the “Haikou open source water” wechat public number, Coconut City citizen cloud, 963111 service hotline and other arbitrary channels to put forward the intention to install, water supply units doorto door service, change “multiple run” to “zero run”.At the same time, the water supply enterprises to implement a commitment system and shortage acceptance system, for key projects to open a green channel, stay at home to solve water-related problems.In addition, water supply enterprises will start tracking service and return visit service mechanism in the later stage, forming one-stop service closed-loop management, and continuously improving the convenience, satisfaction and sense of gain of water application and loading.

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