Little flowers green, sweet at night (a flower)

The Lantern Festival passed, I believe you guessed a lot of riddles.315 is a counterfeit day, coming.Here, Sixiang wants to expose some false and wrong riddles in riddles, please correct them.Network search riddle “small flower flower green, evening puffin person joy (dozen a flower)”, you will find that the answer to the riddle of a lot of websites is “evening primrose”.The color of night primrose is: yellow green, white, nine red, orange.So the answer to the riddle “little flower is green” is not accurate.This riddle is actually a question riddle. Let’s take a look.Data The aroma of Evening primrose can make patients with hypertension and heart disease feel dizzy, dizzy, depressed and uncomfortable, causing symptoms such as chest tightness and dyspnea, so evening primrose is not suitable for indoor display.Best kept outside as an ornamental plant.Night primrose is poisonous.Flowers mostly healthy, but cordate telosma is an exception, surrounded by people for a long time in the strong smell, is detrimental to health, even for narcissus, famous flowers such as roses, over time, especially the air breathing during sleep, also can be uncomfortable, especially in a long time to smell inside the bedroom, can cause insomnia, so don’t put the cordate telosma in the bedroom.A large amount of exhaust gas will be discharged when the photosynthesis of Primula noctiana stops at night, which is extremely harmful to human health, causing dizziness, cough, and even insomnia, and is even more harmful to patients with hypertension and heart disease. Therefore, it should not stay in front of the primula noctiana flowers for a long time at night.From the above content, although the evening primrose is very sweet, but toxic, people smell more will be uncomfortable.In this way, the answer to the riddle “at night blowing people’s nose” is wrong, not only can not make people happy, but also affect people’s health.In this way, we know that the riddle “small flowers flowers green, the night people joy (a flower)” is a problem riddle, and the reality is not the case.

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