Look at the movie “Eight two Gold”, that deep regret let a person sigh

Young do not know the taste of sorrow, love the upper floor.Love the upper floor, for fu neologism strong said sorrow.Now know all sorrow taste, want to say rest.Want to say rest, but the way “cool day good autumn”!For 16 years, this man had been an exile, driving a taxi through the streets of New York City.After all these years of trying to get a green card, he still seemed out of place.His English fluctuates from bottle to bottle and only curses a few simple words.Special period, the man for not rich hometown some tired, so left his hometown, set foot on the journey of struggle, in the boat he threw all his documents into the water.He had no intention of coming back. He did not realize that it was easy to stay at home and difficult to go out.Sixteen years passed in a twinkling of an eye, he was more and more homesick, want to return to the place where he was born and raised, the fragrance of the earth, the distant mountains in the fields, the river maple fishing fire, the sound and looks of relatives let him worry about.It’s time to go back to look at, the film of “the eight two gold”, another name is “return home”, for this reason, this is called the monkey man bought a lot of foreign goods, ready to go back to show off on the way home on the plane, the flight attendant shouted the plane is out of order, the passengers to take the back of the chair in front of and then write a three page paper will, each family found also calculate a replacement.Hearing this, the monkey was afraid that his way home was so difficult. It was true that he forgot to see the almanac when he went out. He did not want to take off his eight two gold pieces.There are still 22 in the eight two gold is borrowed, if really dead also have to take, he knows the word is not enough to write the will, but he took a tape recorder, so to the family recorded a paragraph.He said he would sell the taxi when he died and get the money back, or else.If find his body, do remember to pull down eight two gold, which borrow others have to go back, the remaining 62 to repair the house and ancestral temple.The most important thing is that he wants to bury fallen leaves in his hometown, and does not want to be buried with foreigners, because his English is half tone, communication barriers.After the will was finished, the stewardess said that the plane had returned to normal and asked everyone to exchange the unused paper for another time. The monkey heart said that once was not enough and there was still another time.The monkey went out of the airport and took a taxi. While bargaining with the driver with the small toy he brought back, he looked out of the window.Finally home, the monkey carrying bags out of the taxi, see the children playing, the children also curious looking at him, have followed him.The monkey called for mom and dad, but there was no answer. He could only climb over the wall.The lattice he had drawn in his childhood was still on the floor, and he jumped to his feet.Then lying on the roof of a person ask who he is, buddy, this is his childhood to play together friend didn’t recognize him, call him a monkey because he is as thin as a monkey as a child, has now sent the blessing, he did not recognize the monkeys, monkeys can recognize him, he was called big head hung, a few commonplaces, just know big head hung married a monkey’s younger sister, now is his brother-in-law.The monkey’s sister is pregnant, because she has already given birth to one child, now she is hiding in the countryside with her parents. Only when she gives birth to the second child can she dare to come back. The monkey decides to go back to the countryside to find her parents and sister.Fearing that he could not find his way back to the countryside after so many years away, his brother-in-law brought up his cousin from the same village. Her nickname was black mouth woman, and they began to fight and bite other people’s noses.Recently engaged with a restaurant jinshan guest, two days later also want to return to the countryside, such as her fiance to pick her up, so suggested that they go together, that night will be her appointment out.The black mouth woman whom I had not seen for many years had blossomed into a graceful big girl.She said that she was given an English name Jenny, but the monkey still used to call her black lady. She became beautiful, but her careless temper remained the same.She is curious to ask the monkey beautiful country is really so good, but the monkey is absent-minded, she has not seen such a noisy woman for a long time, but can not remember the way home, can only go with her, black mouth woman and her brother took the monkey to borrow a car.A man, a woman and a child got out, and the monkey was driving.The country roads were so narrow and treacherous that the black woman couldn’t tell right from left. The car crashed into a roadside stall and a pig, fell into the river and was scrapped.He was just about to go home when this happened, and he had to take the money out.The stall owner demanded $1,200 for the stall and $300 for the pigs.Because feel dead pig unlucky, stall owner let them take the pig away, no means of transportation, is worried about how to go home, black mouth woman saw the boat ran past, begged the boatman to help take a section.Monkey and black mouth lady’s brother said your sister can’t be left or right, but she’s smart when it matters.The boatman said that it was now so late that he could only set sail the next day and take them in temporarily.So they took the pig and roasted it, and ate it with the boatmen.During dinner, the monkey asked her why she wanted to go to San Francisco. Now everyone wants to go out and think how beautiful it is, but most people have been stuck in Chinatown all their lives, living in tiny little houses.Black mouth woman expressed disbelief to see him wearing gold and silver, must be very good.The monkey quickly said that he was ok, mainly because he was good at English and could teach black mouth old lady a few words.The next day, they set out by boat for their hometown. They would soon see their parents. The monkey was very excited and anxious.When he left at all costs, he wrote only one letter for years, and he didn’t know what to say to his parents, but she said they’d be happy to see you back.He also felt guilty that before he left, he scolded his sister and made her cry because they argued over playing with the family dog.The monkey remembered this trivial matter for more than ten years, and arrived home at once. So he changed into a suit and looked like a human being. He recognized his home at the first sight, walked quickly forward, and saw his father, whom he had not seen for years, sitting under a tree.The monkey called out “Dad,” but the old man didn’t recognize the monkey as his son. When the monkey told him he was the old man’s son, the old man fainted from excitement.When his mother heard the noise, she rushed over and asked him where he was coming from and who he was looking for. Looking up, she found that her son, whom she had not seen for many years, had come back, and her pregnant sister was coming from a distance with flowers, calling out for brother.The family did not exchange too much pleasantries, immersed in the joy of reunion.My father woke up and told my mother to hurry and prepare dinner for tonight.The monkey came back with eight two gold, so the banquet, they put a few tables in front of the house, the monkey himself cooking, cooking with a large pot.In addition to the Boston lobster brought back from the United States, he also took out the wine brought back.Everyone said that he praised him for his achievement and brought his chickens, ducks and geese as gifts. In return, the monkey gave a red envelope of US dollars to each of them.For the sake of his own and his parents’ face he had to show off deliberately. The monkey sent one red envelope after another, and the floor of his house was covered with chickens, ducks and geese.At the end of the banquet, the monkey was tired and let hua Hua, who had been following him, go to have a rest, but did not think it was the last one. Hua Hua was old and left the world that night. The monkey and her sister and Wu Zui woman buried it in the mountain together.On the way back, the monkey mentioned that he had scolded his sister and cried before he left. After so many years, her sister had forgotten it. The people in her heart were all people with heavy feelings.Evening home power outage, we are used to, 1335 this stop, 2446 that stop, Sunday all stop.Coincidentally, a power failure, sister’s water broke, to give birth, but also afraid of being known by some people, can only secretly to please midwife.The midwife came to say that Yin is too heavy here, this time is unlucky, the family quickly put her into the house to deliver.’It’s Ne Zha’s baby,’ she said after glancing at her sister. ‘Ne Zha’s baby means the baby is not in the right position.Sister is very painful, the family can not choose, the midwife simply downstairs smoke.The younger sister in the house could hardly live, and did not dare to send to the hospital, black mouth old woman saw, summon up the courage to start their own.With her help, the sister gave birth to a boy. Both mother and son are doing well. The whole family, except the midwife, are overjoyed.She went out of the house silently. He told the monkey she was afraid of blood.In order to save people without fear of blood, only after finishing feeling afraid, looking at his appearance, the monkey has a strange feeling, let her drink wine to suppress the shock, she then had a little smile.Monkey away from home for more than ten years, only wrote a letter to the home, mother said she will be back in the 13th letter, monkey wonder to ask what happened, my mother go out to busy, father said he in the learn to imitate the monkeys to write letters in the home, the monkey is full of guilt, he also wanted to write, but each pen and don’t know what to write, drag drag, days like this in the past.Father and son talked a lot during the evening.Their parents’ biggest concern was the monkey’s marriage, so they set him up on a blind date.Overseas returnees are very popular, but the monkey did not see one, rather than a blind date, it is better to stay with black mouth woman interesting.The monkey lends her his tape recorder so that he can learn English well, and she casually calls up his last words recorded on the plane, which makes her feel silly and lovely.She gets on her bike to get back to him and sees a girl sitting next to him on a blind date.Black mouth woman jealous, turned to leave, but also put his last words out, the monkey chased up, asked her why so whole yourself.They’re like a couple in a tantrum. There’s no reason. They fight.He blamed the monkey, but he only knew that he had no time to teach himself English on the blind date. The monkey said that learning English to go to San Francisco would not necessarily be happy, maybe even worse than now.During the quarrel, the black mouth woman made hurtful remarks, saying that monkeys are like nouveau riche and treat everyone as beggars.The monkey said that this trip back, in order to face, has spent all savings, he is the beggar, two people broke up, the recorder was also thrown to the ground.The sky was overcast, just like their mood.Monkey went back to the school where he studied. The graveyard was torn up to rebuild the school. There was a tombstone in the middle of the classroom.It’s just as well. You can learn with your ancestors.The monkey strolls around and slips a few dollars into the donation box.This scene was just black mouth old woman see, see he did not take an umbrella, she ran up, asked him no money how also donate money.She asked him if he really wanted to run out of money and go back.’Anyway, I didn’t have any money when I went there,’ he said. ‘I couldn’t say I was happy in America for so many years. I just changed my place to make a living.’She didn’t know if she really wanted to go to San Francisco. Her sisters said it would be nice.But her fiance said, “There are poor people everywhere. I don’t know what will happen if I go there.”The monkey smiled and said he would help her buy the dowry. Men need decoration, and marriage needs decoration even more.Another day passed, and the sun rose, and he took her to the fair, like a couple about to get married, and they chose their things.She was still nagging, and he no longer found her annoying. He could not help looking at her more. The shopping was done and they had a drink before they left.Winter is almost over, now the weather is not so cold, wearing too much also easy to sweat.The monkey said, “I hate spring, and my fiance will come to pick her up in the spring.”She got on her bike and rode away, leaving him standing there, frustrated.Spring is the season of hope, but for them it is the season of departure.When all the kapok outside is gone, spring will come.The monkey quietly picked up the kapok outside the house, climbed to the tree, one by one hang.She looked out of the window of the house but her eyes were wet. Time passed quickly.The day will always come, she tried red, the house full of dowry.When spring arrived, the monkey gave up hanging kapok on the tree, and his fiance came to have a fireworks display, which would make everyone happy and save face for her husband’s family, as well as movies to watch.The whole village was waiting to drink her wedding, and she was the only one who managed to smile.Firecrackers went off all day and they took pictures together in front of the house.I heard that the monkey also came back from the United States, the fiance, and he had two drinks, they began to clink glasses, the monkey tried not to be unhappy silently looked up at her fiance.He seems honest. She should be happy.Her fiance hired a boat for her to take her out of the village, and in the evening the fireworks were on display, watched by the whole village.The monkey looked from a distance, and his heart was full of sadness. The woman saw him from a distance and followed him to the stone stool under the tree.They were leaving the next week, and she asked him when he would return. He hadn’t decided yet. He was alone, unencumbered, and drifting enough, and he wasn’t going to marry.They not only did not marry, even kiss also did not, maybe they can try, he slowly approached, the girl closed her eyes, but he got up and walked away.She’s already someone else’s bride, so let them end before they begin.She was very beautiful on her wedding day, wearing a red dress and a red flower on her head.Monkey driving tractor carrying her, she saw his body of eight two gold disappeared, curious to ask him where your eight two gold?He pulled out from behind him a red box that had been her dowry.He said the bride did not have eight two gold, how to do.The bride smiled and cried as she looked away into the distance. When the dock arrived, her fiance was waiting there. He thanked the monkey for bringing her to the boat.She learned to monkey stand on the bow, will documents thrown into the river, embarked on the unknown journey, she should not come back, so put the eight gold jewelry on the body.In a flash, she saw him coming along the bank, she smiled with tears, pear flowers with rain.The ships drifted away.The man who took her to walk is so much older than her, just because of living in a foreign land, she walked with her, two people without a little friendship in the end will be happy, his fiance began to balding, because his identity took away so good a girl.Lovers finally did not become sentimentally attached, that sentimentally attached can only be buried in the heart, midnight dream back when they will regret it?Eight two gold is only psychological satisfaction and romance, time flies had not jun, the tenderness of the beauty, will be old with time, the end of the movie with regret, and finally eight two gold became the decoration of farewell, casual decision, turn around is a lifetime.

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