Spring Festival holiday red tourism highlights the charm of The Times

Hubei Daily news (reporter Wang Liluo, correspondent E Wenlu) February 3, the Spring Festival holiday into the fourth day.The snow and ice tour, hot spring tour and surrounding tour are widely sought after by citizens and tourists, and the red scenic spots in the province also welcome many tourists.Year of the Tiger Spring Festival,The museum of Revolution in Wuhan, the Museum of revolution of 1911, the Memorial Hall of the Old site of the CPC Central Committee in Wuhan and the Memorial Hall of the Wuchang Uprising of revolution of 1911 respectively held the “Finding the Way to France — The Special Photo exhibition of the CPC Travel to Europe Branch” and the flag of Overseas ChineseThe national Glory — The life of Chen Kah Kee exhibition, Memories of Eventful Years — The Feelings of family and Country in propaganda paintings, “Red Memory — the CENTRAL Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China in Wuhan” photo exhibition and other activities to attract visitors.The memorial Hall at the site of the August 7th Conference held a series of short videos titled “The Most Famous Road in Wuhan” and an online quiz activity titled “Leaving the Old Year and Welcoming the New In 2022”. Many tourists took an active part in the activity to explore the footprints of the revolution and listen to the red story.Li Qin, a wuhan resident, visited the memorial hall where the August 7th Conference was held with her daughter. “It is very meaningful to take your children to visit the red scenic spots during the Spring Festival holiday, so that they can understand from an early age that a good life is hard won and know how to cherish it.”Xiaogan City Hubei and Henan Revolutionary martyrs Cemetery, the new Fourth Army fifth Division headquarters site, xuanhuadian negotiations site, Xu Haidong’s former residence, Xianning Qian heroes Memorial hall, Northern Campaign memorial Hall and other red scenic areas also attract many citizens and tourists to remember the revolutionary martyrs, accept the red culture.Source: Hubei Daily

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