The same blockchain technology has different gameplay, so it’s no wonder that this official announcement from China has attracted the attention of the US media

In today’s world, China and the United States are both the most influential countries in the world and the largest economies in the world. Therefore, the media often compare China and the United States in terms of political system, social governance, foreign policy and even people’s happiness.In fact, there is no need to make such a comparison, because one needs to pay close attention to a few news events to know that China and the United States are two completely different countries.Specifically, China’s policies are geared towards the interests of hundreds of millions of people, while US policies are geared towards capital, as the news just proved.According to a report by the Global Times on February 3, the US media paid much attention to the application of Blockchain technology in China, saying that China designated some cities and entities as the pilot of the application of blockchain technology, highlighting the importance the Chinese government attaches to the technology.It is reported that Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have become the pilot cities, and 164 entities including local government departments, banks, universities, hospitals and power companies have also taken part in the pilot project.China has launched a pilot project on the application of blockchain technology in order to benefit the country and its people.At the end of December, China’s cyberspace regulator issued an official announcement on the application of the technology, offering an explanation of its significance: “Give full play to the role of blockchain in promoting data sharing, optimizing business processes, reducing operating costs, improving synergistic efficiency, and building credible systems.”Obviously, China’s project is to use “distributed ledger technology” to serve the public, so that the country and the people living in this land can benefit in the long term and enjoy the dividend of the national high-tech development process.The us media’s attention to China’s application of blockchain technology is probably not just out of admiration for the Chinese government, but more out of concern about China’s blockchain technology development, as well as “sour grapes” on China’s development in the technology field.The United States is the birthplace of blockchain technology, much earlier than China in the adoption of the new technology.The problem is that China and the US have completely different approaches to the same blockchain technology, or at least different starting points for implementing it.Almost a year ago, in early January last year, the price of bitcoin soared like a wild horse amid the attention of musk and other public figures, hitting a high of $40,700 on The 10th of the month, more than 10 times higher than a year ago.But on Thursday, just 24 hours later, bitcoin was on a roller coaster ride, trading at around $33,000.Hundreds of thousands of Americans who jumped on the bitcoin bandwagon lost almost all of their money, losing more than $13.7 billion.It is obvious that many “currency people” are almost instantly cut leek.The news shows that this new technology, which could have served the public better, was controlled by big American capital and completely turned into an air-to-air money gambling game sharp weapon.In the past, capital used to harvest people’s wealth with “sickle”. Now, with various coins added by blockchain technology, harvesting people’s wealth can be called “bulldozer”, with efficiency improved by hundreds of times.On the other hand, China, while resolutely banning currency speculation, strongly guides blockchain technology from virtual to real, better serves the real economy, and avoids idle capital and excessive financialization of the national economy.The US media reported the news and clearly recognized the problem, but they could not change anything.Because, financial idling quick money is too easy, like a drug, once addicted to it is hard to quit.Although this road will eventually come to an end, until the last moment, capital will find a way to keep it “music and dance”.

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