Gansu province tragic accident: overloaded heavy truck and pedestrian collision, resulting in 1 dead on the spot!

Ma mou driving a heavy truck overload, and pedestrian Ma Mou Ming collision, resulting in its death on the spot.After the incident, Ma voluntarily surrendered to the police, the insurance company paid 367,000 yuan to the victim’s family.On January 27, 2021, the People’s Procuratorate of Kongtong District, Pingliang City, Gansu Province publicly disclosed the case.Ma mou, male, born in 1974, now lives in Kongtong District.The same day 4:10 xu, the defendant Ma driving a heavy warehouse grid type truck (nuclear load 17925kg, real load 58060kg, overload 224%) along the district ma ‘an highway from the south to the north to gaoyuan Village road section, will cross the road from east to west pedestrian Ma Ming collision, ma Ming died on the spot, causing road traffic accident.The next day, after gansu judicial evidence identification institute identification, the deceased Ma Ming department traffic accident caused severe craniocerebral injury, head and face skull fractures, cervical vertebra fractures, soft tissue injuries, resulting in its respiratory circulation failure and death.After the Kongtong district public Security Bureau traffic police brigade identified, the defendant Ma mou bear the main responsibility for the accident, Ma Ming mou bear secondary responsibility.After the incident, the insurance company paid 367,000 yuan to the victim’s family.The prosecution believes that the defendant Ma violated the road traffic transport management regulations, resulting in a major traffic accident, one death, and take full responsibility for the accident, the behavior has violated the criminal Law;If the facts of the crime are clear and the evidence is solid and sufficient, the criminal responsibility shall be investigated for the crime of causing traffic accidents.Its voluntary confession of guilt, according to the provisions, can be lenient.Suggest sentence defendant Ma mou fixed – term imprisonment 6 months, can apply probation.The case will be held in pingliang Kongtong District people’s Court for the first instance.

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