The boy’s mother died unexpectedly on the first day of the lunar New Year, crying on the train, net friend: how to celebrate the Lunar New Year later

People often say to cherish the present, cherish the people around you, do not have regrets, because tomorrow or accident you never know which will come first.I always thought it would be a long time, but the reality is that life is uncertain. A young man’s mother has an accident, which makes him cry all the way on the train.On February 1, a guy wearing a black down jacket, did not carry any luggage, and so on all the people are on the K166 train, he just got on the train, I do not know why?The young man sobbed, then covered his face and sobbed quietly, then, unable to control his emotions, burst into tears.Seeing this, the conductor sat opposite the boy and comforted him and asked him carefully what had happened.Asked to know, the boy is xinyang Gushi, 22 years old, years of working outside, this year because of the epidemic in Ningbo New Year.Unexpectedly, on the first day of the lunar New Year, I received a phone call that my mother had passed away unexpectedly. Even after catching the train for more than ten hours, I could not see my mother’s last side.Think from now on he is no mother mother of children, sad from the heart, at this time, can no longer control their own mood, tears.The conductor consoled the boy by saying that he could relate because he was 16 years old when his mother passed away.The conductor thought that the boy caught the train for more than ten hours, certainly did not eat, just like the big brother will be a bowl of egg noodles to the boy’s front, to persuade the boy to eat the noodles, to “obedient”.In the conductor’s repeated comfort, the boy is just a little mood calm, or a meal can not eat.Netizens have praised the warm heart of the conductor, a “obedient” to listen to people moved, really rain people always want to open an umbrella for others.Some net friends sigh “the person who loves you most in the world is gone, sad!””The pain of losing loved ones is piercing.” “How can he spend the Spring Festival later?””Parents still have a place in life, parents are not in life only home.”Xia ziwei thinks that the young man’s sadness can be said to be painful. Losing his mother suddenly at the age of 22 is a particularly painful place in the young man’s heart, which cannot be touched.The so-called father, mother, son and daughter a scene, is to watch their back gradually go away.Life is always very interesting, there are separated, there are also close, there are gathered, there are scattered.Although the relationship between mother and child and share, is to separate for the purpose, but this separation is not permanent loss of relatives, but so that the child can grow up.However, when a young man leaves home to work and returns home, he becomes a motherless child. From the day he loses his mother, his life is divided into two parts. One part is his mother’s love, and the other part is his mother’s memory.There was no honor, no position, no happiness, no honor in the world for the boy at this time, than to be at his mother’s side.Even if she couldn’t read a word, she wanted her mother on earth, not in heaven.Fletcher said, “Misfortune is the touchstone of life.”The life after suffering is more brilliant, there are always some days and years need their own death carry, death support.For parents, “Often go home to see” is not just a song, but the voice of parents, parents want to get gifts during the Spring Festival, not money, always is their children go home.What do you think? Leave a comment in the comments section. I’m Xia Ziwei, follow me and talk about life from a psychological perspective.

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