Loudi market supervision system actively watched “CCTV 3.15 Evening Party” to do a solid job on consumer Rights Day

Loudi News (Correspondent Luo Dayi) At 8:00 PM on March 15th, all the leaders of Loudi Market Supervision Bureau and the heads of all business departments came to the conference room on the seventh floor on time to watch CCTV 3.15 party.The market supervision bureaux of five counties and urban areas also watched the live broadcast of the party at their designated locations.At the same time, the emergency response law enforcement team specially set up for the March 15 party is on standby, ready to deal with the related problems disclosed by the party.This is a scene of many activities in loudi’s market supervision system on March 15, international Consumer Rights Day.That morning, loudi market regulatory authority has carried out centralized campaign in LouXing square, after, and held a huge centralized destruction of counterfeit goods in the city action, in loudi, cold water river, lianyuan, bimodal and xinhua, live on through the cloud, synchronous destroyed nearly 30 tons, value 670000 yuan for the infringement of the counterfeit goods,Show firm determination to crack down on fake and shoddy products.Media platforms such as The news broadcast of Hunan SATELLITE TV, Rednet Moment, Hunan Daily New Hunan, loudi Radio and Television “Watching Loudi” video have been widely publicized and reported, which have played a good social publicity and education effect.Agencies such as the 12315 Complaints and Reporting Office and the Consumer Protection Commission operated around the clock to ensure that consumer complaints were dealt with as soon as possible.According to statistics, on March 15, The city of Loudi 12315 received 345 complaints and advice from consumers, including 98 complaints and 247 consultations.The complaints mainly focus on the quality of goods, illegal price, prepaid card disputes and other areas, and the reported cases mainly involve false publicity, oil quality, unmarked price and other aspects. All the complaints and reports have been dealt with in the first time.In view of the problems in other provinces and cities exposed by the CCTV March 15 evening party, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau quickly took a leaf out of one’s book and carried out inspections in related fields in combination with the special action of “Keeping the bottom line, checking hidden dangers, ensuring safety and promoting improvement” that is being carried out solidly in the whole city.We will further strengthen oversight and oversight to ensure food safety and market order.

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