Zhu Yinmei: unfortunately, her husband was sacrificed. She begged for ten years with gold on her back and had no milk to feed her children

Zhu Yinmei and Tu Zhengkun On June 12, 1939, huxingling, Jiayi Town, Pingjiang County, Hunan Province, the calm and sultry afternoon was suddenly broken by a burst of rapid gunfire.”Show record” grocery store doorway, a forty-something middle-aged person in the number of bullets fell in the pool of blood, he looked around the gun surrounded the killers cry out in grief and indignation: “do not destroy the unity of the war!”The killers paid no attention to his shout, but fired another round under the command of the leader, and the middle-aged man was completely dead.The man who was brutally killed was Tu Zhengkun, counselor of the New Fourth Army and deputy secretary of the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee and Secretary of the Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi Special Committee.This morning, Tu Zhengkun just finished the work of destroying the route of invading Japanese troops to the south, and was holding a meeting with local patriotic people, during the meeting was lured out and killed.Yang Sen’s murderer is the warlord Yang Sen whose hands are stained with the blood of communists and patriotic masses.In 1939, the total War of Resistance against Japanese aggression had lasted nearly one and a half years, and the Japanese infatuation of annihilating China in three months had already been declared bankrupt.But the big traitors Wang Ching-wei at this time with the Japanese aggressors to make peace, “anti-communist” conditions for the traitorous trade.Although Wang Jingwei jiang Zhongzheng surface anti-Japanese, but its anti-communist heart and Wang Jingwei have the same, so all the reactionary armed ignored the Japanese aggressors of the hoof, once again aimed at the Communists.Tu zhengkun’s Pingjiang Jiayi Communications office was the only remaining contact point of the New Fourth Army in Hunan Province, and naturally became a thorn in the side of the reactionary forces.Yang Sen secretly convened the cronies under hand, the composition of the massacre team, hurt the new Fourth Army left.Before the attack, Yang Sen continued to fabricate lies, smearing the New Fourth Army and the Communications office, but the people’s eyes were clear and did not believe them.Therefore, Yang Sen did not dare to arrest Tu Zhengkun and others directly. On the contrary, he aroused Tu Zhengkun’s vigilance and began to make preparations.Although tu zhengkun’s wife Zhu Yinmei was young, she was also a communist party member who had joined the revolution in 1928, and he trusted her character and will.So he confided all his dangers and plans to his wife, and gave her 12 taels of gold to keep.Tu Zhengkun and Zhu Yinmei also knew the crisis of the situation, she had sold her dowry into gold for a rainy day.After getting her husband’s instructions, Zhu Yinmei properly collected the funds, while secretly improving the alert.Did not think of the warlord butcher’s knife come faster than expected, Yang Sen ignored the Japanese aggressor army down the artillery fire has approached, actually use the means of killing Tu Zhengkun in the street to kill.At the same time, Yang Sen’s capture and slaughter of all communists in the region had begun, and Zhu, as a party member and Tu zhengkun’s wife, was certainly on the list.Left for Tu Zhengkun reactionary armed directly killed Tu Zhengkun Zhu Yinmei and his wife rented the house, two of their son Tu Mingtao at this time just 9 months, or a baby.The killers burst into the house, picked up the boy in the cradle, and were about to strike when the quick-witted landlady, unable to bear watching, rushed out and grabbed the boy: “This is my grandson, what are you doing?”The killers searched a circle, did not find Zhu Yinmei, he took tu Zhengkun and Zhu Yinmei things swear to go.Small Tu Mingtao rely on the landlady’s kindness and courage, only to escape, and finally mother and son under the cover of patriotic masses, both escaped from the encirclement.The former site of Pingjiang Communications Office has gone through untold hardships, but they are still the lucky ones, because in this brutal killing, thousands of party members, family members and patriotic masses were killed, known as the “Pingjiang Massacre”.This regardless of the Japanese aggressors but to the anti-japanese compatriots bayonet slaughter, Chairman MAO, Premier Zhou both shocked and saddened, but also triggered a huge shock in the country.Activities to commemorate Tu zhengkun and others were held across the country, and the CPC Central Committee’s elege couplet represented all the righteous hearts of the victims of the tragedy: “In the national disaster caused by internal strife, rivers do not wash away the ancient and modern regrets;When you are in danger, you will know your loyalty.”However, Zhu Yinmei did not have time to pay tribute to her husband, because the enemy who pursued her, has been close.The main culprit of the “Pingjiang tragedy”, Yang Sen, was an old warlord who prospered in the chaotic times of the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China.When Zhu Yinmei just escaped from danger, she took her son to her husband Tu Zhengkun’s hometown of Pingjiang Chiayi, and the villagers took the risk of carrying tu Zhengkun’s body back to bury the martyrs.At the funeral, Zhu Yinmei rescued cash funds, all handed over to attend the funeral special committee survivors Huang Yaonan, to help organize the recovery work.At that time to kill the party members, Huang Yaonan is not convenient to carry gold, Zhu Yinmei left the gold, with a view to the future.The funeral is not finished, the arrest of Zhu Yinmei mother and son of the enemy came, Zhu Yinmei immediately chuai good gold, back son to escape.Zhu yinmei is also a native of Pingjiang County. Her family is a large family in Nanjiang Town of Pingjiang County. She fled to her parents’ home with her son to seek shelter.But Zhu Yinmei did not know that a devil was as gangrenous as attached bones, closely followed her escape footsteps, to kill.This devil, is “Pingjiang massacre” one of the executioners, Yang Chuxin, vice captain of chayi security team.Yang Chuxin knew the details of Tu Zhengkun and Zhu Yinmei very well because he had been in Pingjiang for many years. As the executioner appointed by Yang Sen, he also knew the intention of killing Yang Sen and the forces behind him.So Yang Chuxin iron heart to catch Zhu Yinmei this “official lady” to Yang Sen flattery, and he also has their own xiaojiujiu, want to borrow Zhu Yinmei when the lead to swallow the local big family Zhu.Not only to kill, but to plunder.When the republic of China reactionary armed killing Yang Chuxin specially transferred to the south river to hold the post, focused on searching for Zhu Yinmei, a catch, ten times, dozens of times, gathered teams to Zhu and ootian village search every once in a while.Zhu Yinmei realized the intention of the enemy, decided not to cause trouble to her family and local villagers, she hid the gold again picked up the children into the vast mountains.Yang Chuxin heard zhu Yinmei fled into the deep mountains, did not give up to kill, but several rounds of more crazy search.When the manhunt team in the mountains found zhu Yinmei left traces of life, in order to save time, they actually regardless of the risk of accidental injury to others, directly around the strafe.Zhu once hid in a nearby bush, holding her son in one hand and covering his mouth with the other to prevent his cries from coming out.A bullet through the trees, shot her shoulder, the pain made her eyes shine, but Zhu Yinmei bite her lip, only a dull hum.The killers didn’t hear anything, thought they were too late as usual, and left in a huff.When the enemy was far away, Zhu Yinmei recovered her breath and put down her son to examine the wound.This was not the most dangerous moment zhu encountered on the run. On one of her adventures down the mountain, she was caught by reactionaries and subjected to brutal beatings and inhuman torture.Jiang Zhongzheng but Zhu Yinmei resolutely refused to yield, neither reveal the secrets of any organization, nor when the reactionary chess pieces to smear the dead husband.The enraged reactionaries originally wanted to execute Zhu Yinmei, but the local people felt the loyalty of the revolutionary couple, tried their best to rescue Zhu Yinmei and escaped again.After zhu yinmei escaped, she became more cautious and did not contact relatives and colleagues easily. She took Tu Mingtao to hide in lianyun Mountain, which connects Hunan and Hubei province and liuyang city of Pingjiang.Known as a pure mountain since ancient times, Lianyunshan has overlapping mountains, strange peaks, dense vegetation, and hidden paths known only to locals among the mountains.The fast-flowing water and cliffs finally exhausted the ambition of the reactionaries to pursue Zhu Yinmei and her mother, and they gradually stopped searching the mountain.But Zhu Yinmei knows that as long as they stay outside the mountain for a long time, it will inevitably lead to kill.So Zhu only works part-time in densely populated towns to exchange daily necessities when she has to, and lives in the mountains with her son the rest of the time.Fearing that the enemy would resume searching the mountains, Zhu did not dare to build a relatively fixed dwelling like a shack. Most of the time, she slept in a temporary tent in the mountains with an oilcloth.If they were lucky, they would find a cave where they could shelter themselves from wind and rain for a few days. However, Zhu Did not dare to stay in any place much longer. After a few days, she would start wandering again.The Pingjiang disaster museum is thus hiding, Zhu Yinmei on one foot, with children, sometimes to the north, to Tongcheng in Hubei province, sometimes completely the opposite, arrived in Liuyang in Hunan province.So in the mountains back and forth to hide, as long as 10 years.In addition to carefully checking the surrounding environment for safety and placement of her son, she looked at the cloth bag in her arms in a daze.There were 12 taels of gold that her husband had entrusted her to keep and 4 taels of gold that she had received after selling her dowry.There were sixteen taels of gold in all, which would have been enough for her to find a quiet country place to settle down in and live a much more comfortable life.It has been several years since her husband was killed, and the people who are after her have been silent for a long time. As long as they are far away from home, they should be able to succeed in anonymity.Whenever the “temptation” of gold in the Republic of China came to her mind, Zhu Yinmei would shake her head ruthfully. She remembered the dirty water that Yang Sen poured on her husband in order to cover up her crime when her husband had just died.It turned out that Chiang Zhongzheng in Yang Sen after the massacre of communists, in the face of connivance in the slaughter of compatriots, they feel guilty.So tu Zhengkun and others kept making lies about colluding with bandits to interfere with the Anti-Japanese War, spreading rumors and insulting the martyrs they killed in an attempt to confuse black and white and confuse right and wrong.Zhu would tremble with anger whenever she heard of smears on her husband’s reputation, but she was on the run and unable to speak out publicly in his defense.So Zhu Yinmei is determined to die to protect her husband left the organization funds, so that in the future for her husband’s testimony can be dignified.Resolutely accomplish the task, protect the organization’s property, this is also her duty as a party member.In order to achieve this goal, Zhu Yinmei could take any hardship, which was her promise to her husband, but also her commitment to the organization as a party member.But every time she saw her sallow and thin son, as a mother, Zhu Yinmei could not help but feel distressed.Tu Mingtao began this kind of nomadic life, just 9 months, has not weaned, is the time to grow.But because of frequent hunger in the escape, Zhu Yinmei soon ran out of milk, she ventured down the mountain to do odd jobs in the home of a villager, in order to beg for a little grain noodles, ground into paste, feed his son to eat.Because he had to eat this kind of food since he was a child, and often slept in the mountains, Tu Mingtao was malnourished and scrawny as a child.Zhu yinmei could not create a safe and comfortable material environment for her son, but could only guide his son’s healthy growth from the spiritual level.In countless nights and nights sleeping in the mountains, Zhu Held her son in her arms and introduced him to the glorious revolutionary home behind him while counting the stars.Because Tu died so early that his son had no impression of his father, Zhu told him in detail how tu had changed from a peasant tailor into a staunch communist fighter.The son did not have the opportunity to get to know people, Zhu Yinmei will tu Zhengkun’s mother in order to protect the guerrillas heroic experience said to him.When the son wondered why only he and his mother wandering, Zhu Yinmei shed tears to his sister as a contemporary flower orchid, died in the anti-japanese battlefield to tell him.The young Tu Mingtao thus understood the mountain beyond the difficult current events, knowing that the mountain years are bitter, but the mountain that eat people can swallow more people’s lives.Gradually, he came to understand the black eyes his mother faced when she worked odd jobs and begged, the deaths of starving bodies on the road, and the panic in the eyes of the public when they were accompanied by guns.Zhu yinmei continued to educate Tu Mingtao, to adhere to principles, loyalty to the Party, fair, honest and thrifty, do not fight for fame and wealth, to be a clean, dignified person.Therefore, although tu Mingtao’s childhood was extremely short of material and his life was extremely difficult, he still had a rich spiritual world and thus developed a firm character and an open mind.Although the mother and son wandering in the wind and rain, but they firmly believe that there must be a bright day.In July 1949, Pingjiang County was finally liberated. Zhu Yinmei was so excited when she heard the news that she hurried to Pingjiang with Tu Mingtao and her treasured package for ten years.Qi Shouliang streets are celebrating the liberation of the crowd, Zhu Yinmei along the flow of people walked to the gate of the county government, the guard said to see their leadership.When pingjiang County party secretary and county magistrate Qi Shouliang thought that the local people had any difficulties, hurried out.After confirming his identity, Zhu Yinmei shivered out the package to him, Qi Shouliang opened it, it was a bag of gold, could not help but be surprised.After completing the task, Zhu Yinmei, with a sense of relief, quietly introduced her identity and the source of gold: “12 yuan is the organization funds entrusted by her husband, and the other 40 yuan is my dowry. Let’s make up my party dues for the past 10 years. I need money to start my work just after liberation.”After listening to Zhu Yinmei’s experience, Qi Shouliang could not help but red eyes, at this time Qi Shouliang is ten years ago Zhu Yinmei began to evade the pursuit of age, young and energetic.Zhu Yinmei was born in a big local family and lived a comfortable life since childhood. She joined the revolution when she was less than 20 years old and was always a valiant revolutionary soldier.But the decade of evading arrest has been so difficult that zhu yinmei looks like a wrinkled old woman, even though she is not yet 40.Zhu smiled at her comrades’ concern and affection.Although the old Zhu Yinmei has had a hard ten years, there are also many comrades and villagers who have helped her. Now she is liberated and full of waste to be enjoyed. It is time for her to make up the expenses of the party as soon as possible.Are through the War of Resistance against Japan and the war of liberation years of party members, Qi Shouliang naturally understand zhu Yinmei’s mood and will, they went to the Treasury to do the handover, Zhu Yinmei got covered with red chapter receipt.Zhu Yinmei solemnly put away the receipt, carrying the task for ten years, finally completed, now she has no regrets, can calmly say to her husband “we have won”.Then Zhu Yinmei took her son’s hand, and the mother and son smiled as they walked into the crowd celebrating…Zhu died peacefully in 1998 surrounded by her children and grandchildren.In this life, she not only fulfilled her husband’s entrust, but also fulfilled her mission as a party member and mother. She taught her children and grandchildren to always remember that they are descendants of martyrs and adhere to their beliefs and traditions.For Zhu Yinmei, no gold in the world is better than mission and faith!

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