It is fragrant and soft, and the roast chicken has a strong fragrance. When the two are combined, it is delicious

Taro roast chicken is a very delicious home dish, fresh fragrant soft glutinous, rich fragrance, color, flavor, delicious and meal, loved by everyone, taro roast chicken selection and processing is very important, the base material is very important, stew time, heat to master, taro roast chicken is my favorite.Taro roasted chicken in Sichuan local name is also called “taro roasted chicken”, why is it called taro roasted chicken?Because the taro used in making this dish is not just large taro, but small taro about the size of two fingers, it is called taro baby. Taro baby has a better texture than large taro, which is soft and sweet, and is better suited for taro chicken.Taro absorption of chicken umami, sauce flavor, make the taste of taro more soft waxy fresh sweet taro chicken is a home dish that every family will do, fresh and soft waxy, rich fragrance, chicken fresh and tender, taro taste, color, smell and taste, loved by everyone.Taro and chicken are both things that we eat a lot in our lives. Taro is very nutritious, soft and waxy, chicken is delicious and nutritious, and when you put these two ingredients together, it’s really a perfect match. Here’s how to make taro chicken.Taro roasted chicken.Need to prepare ingredients: a native chicken, taro, onion, celery, green onion, ginger, garlic, coriander, dried pepper, star anise, bay leaf, cinnamon, sichuan pepper, bay leaf, bean sauce, hot pot base material, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt, yellow rice wine, chicken essence.1. Taro roast chicken is best used for taro roast chicken. Local chicken will taste better when it is made.2, taro skin clean skin reserve, onion wash clean cut into small pieces, celery wash clean cut into segments, green onion ginger garlic wash clean, green onion cut into segments, ginger garlic slice, spices wash clean standby, pot into a little oil, oil heat onion ginger garlic, dried pepper, star anise, bay leaves, cinnamon, pepper, bay leaves put in.3, then add the bean sauce, hot pot base material, put celery and onion in, stir fry until fragrant, put the chicken pieces in, stir fry evenly, stir fry the chicken water, add light soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt, yellow rice wine, chicken essence stir fry evenly, then add the appropriate amount of water, put taro in.4, the fire to bring to the boil, turn to low heat, cover the lid and stew for one hour, wash the coriander and cut into small sections, the chicken stew, the fire to collect the juice, sprinkle with coriander, scallion can be out of the pot, too fragrant, delicious, delicious.Taro roast chicken, the choice of chicken is very important, to choose fresh chicken, it is best to choose local chicken, local chicken to taste better, chicken must be clean, to make it will be fresh and fragrant.Keep the oil on a medium heat until the spices are fragrant. Control the temperature of the pan. If the spices burn and cook with the chicken, it will end up with a bitter taste to the whole dish.Taro chicken base is the key, you can according to their own taste seasoning and spices, stir the chicken out of water, to make a better taste, taro should be small, soft and waxy better to eat.The chicken should be stir-fried and then boiled, and a little white wine should be added to stir-fry the chicken to make it more fragrant and not fishy.Taro chicken if you want a chicken flavor this dish need little slow fire boil for a long time to fully infiltration, taro and chicken have different degree of hard and soft, if both at the same time to join together to cook, make taro chicken will appear or chicken flavor, or taro cooked soft rot, no taste, so can’t join together to cook at the same time.The taro, on the other hand, is blanched in advance so that the chicken is already seasoned. Add the taro and simmer for a while. The cooked taro will absorb the juices more easily, making the taro taste better.Taro chicken stew, the heat and time to master, the fire to boil, simmer with a small fire, so that the stew will be more soft rotten flavor, time can be decided according to their own actual situation.Before cooking chicken in cold water to remove blood, this can reduce the smell, make the chicken taste better.Taro should not be cooked for too long. Taro will become soft and tender, so blanch taro in advance until it is about 80% ripe, and then add it to the chicken and boil it for a while. This can shorten the cooking time of taro and avoid soft cooking.Taro chicken is ready, fresh sweet soft waxy, full-bodied fragrance, fresh chicken, taro flavor, delicious, look at there is appetite, it also is very simple, oneself at home, delicious and affordable, as long as mastering skills, made taro chicken chicken tender, taro flavor, delicious, love can have a try.

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