Xiong Lei posted a video, red shoes and green clothes were ridiculed too local, Kai Kai more and more like Du Xinzhi, netizens: destroyed

Introduction: Xiong Lei now not only imitate Tian Jing show affection, parents-in-law, mother and grandfather together, but also imitate Tian Jing show children.Tian jing’s two children, Qiqi Yueyue, are not only good-looking but also smart and eccentric, which fans love very much.Kai Kai looks like Du Xinzhi and has a silly smile. Few people like her. I don’t know what she has to be basked in.In the video, Kai is wearing a green hoodie, hat and blue designer shoes.Xiong lei did not show up, showing only a white coat, black pants and a pair of bright red shoes.A lot of people have said before, Xiong Lei clothes good, just because the appearance level and height can not support up.Looking at her dress, I can not help but wonder whether those who say her clothes are good, praise her or scold her?In the video, the pair can be seen playing rock-paper-scissors with their feet.But red and green can’t stand a good scene.Sure enough, the comments section was full of jokes about their red shoes and green clothes.I’ve never seen such a bold man. Why do you have to be so red and green?Not the more colorful the better, also want to consider collocation.Xiong Lei has the money to buy famous brands for Kai Kai, but no matter how good the clothes are, they don’t show their value on Kai Kai.When they finished playing, Kai looked up and smiled at the camera.When he looked up, netizens said he looked more and more like Du Xinzhi.Before kai Kai just a little like Du Xinzhi, but the more I grow up facial features and face more and more like Du Xinzhi.Du Xinzhi previously said yao Ce looks unlike her, now see with her almost exactly the same kai, she can say this kind of words?Net friend sees kai Kai hind, blunt say: destroyed.It’s not a good idea to look like Du Xinzhi, like a potato.In fact, even if Kai Kai does not look like Du Xinzhi, look like Xiong Lei also destroyed.Kai looks like Du Xinzhi, character can not like her, before there is a “15 years of about”, but also some protection, but now this “15 years of about” are not, kai still have what protection, don’t point to xiong Lei that several sets of house life?It seems that Xiong Lei commandeered Xu Min’s house, with the fraudulent donation of money to buy a house, is to give Kai Kai a security.Even their own mother are not optimistic about their own, kai Kai will have what big development.Kai Kai grew up in such a big family, you can imagine what kind of person he will become when he grows up.No wonder Xiong Lei did not let Du Xinzhi and Guo Xikuan take the child, but let him follow his parents, if let Du Xinzhi take, the child is really destroyed.”28 incident” although the truth has not come to light, everyone is in the whirlpool, but the child is innocent, do not involve them.Tian Jing exposed her children on the Internet, right and wrong, Xiong Lei should not follow suit.Qi Qi Yue Yue has a large number of people like, kai Kai is not the same, let him be exposed on the network to be scolded, Xiong Lei himself looked at not afflictive?Not all children can be liked. Qiqi Yueyue has fans and Tian jing will continue to let them appear on the Internet.No one likes Kai Kai, xiong Lei is hurting his son to do so.Conclusion: I hope Xiong Lei can think about it. It doesn’t matter if others scold him. Scolding his children will cause great psychological shadow and harm to him.If he was really hurt by the “incident,” it was xiong lei’s own fault, not anyone else’s.What do you think?Leave a comment in the comment section to discuss and forward.

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