Amazon TWS Bluetooth headset FCC certified

What is FCC certification?FCC is a certification required by the Federal Communications Commission of the United States, covering more than 50 states, Columbia and the territory of the United States;FCC is mandatory certification, no factory inspection;The FCC certification test is mainly for electronic products, mainly electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and RF (radio frequency).FCC certification is divided into two methods: FCC SDOC: common products (without wireless function), testing EMC.FCC ID: product with wireless, test EMC + RF.FCC certification process?1. Provide products and product related information to the laboratory;(If you want to apply for FCC-ID certification, you need to register with FCC-FRN to set up company files and apply for Grantee Code) 2.The laboratory will audit the data and test the product, and issue the test report if the test is qualified (if the test is not qualified, the rectification and retest);3. Submit test report to FCC-TCB for review;4. Pass the audit and obtain the FCC certificate.FCC certification application materials :1. Application form 2. Schematics 3Usermanual product manual (including operating temperature and altitude) 7. Label and location nameplate

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