Old people, cherish the “false filial piety”, is really smart

As the saying goes, crops are other people’s good, children are their own good.It seems that this attitude is subjective and speaks to parents’ tolerance and expectations for their children.Who does not want their children to be successful, who does not want their children to be talented and promising?Whether they admit it or not, many parents are a little selfish, some want to win face through their children, some want to raise their children for old age, the future will be filial piety by their children.Of course, this is only natural. After all, everyone gets old and needs help someday.But in real life, know how to be grateful, filial children are many, but can sincerely do less and less.They are either too busy with work, too stressed out with life, or too realistic and calculating.What’s a parent to do?A 76-year-old aunt fan said, “When you are old, you are really wise to cherish the” false filial piety “.01 My two children are doing well. The eldest runs his own business and the second is a director in a company. Both of them have settled down in big cities.So in other people’s eyes, I am a very lucky old lady.A few years ago, my wife fell ill and left, leaving me alone in such a large family.So both my sons suggested that I sell the house and live with them.As for selling the house, I did not object to it, nor did I agree with it. I just said that I would see about it later. However, in order to relax myself, I went to live with them for a period of time.But in this process, I was very unhappy. First, I didn’t get along with my eldest daughter-in-law and didn’t like each other. Second, I couldn’t adapt to the life of my youngest son.A few years passed, and the sons called occasionally to say hello, but rarely came back throughout the year.Fortunately, my own nephew doesn’t live too far away and always drops by for dinner and a chat in his spare time.The nephew is clever and talkative, but has little reading and no skills. He can only work as a security guard in a community.Because the treatment is not very good, to make ends meet but also raise children, he and his nephew’s daughter-in-law often quarrel.Not as close as a son, but a nephew is family.I can’t bear to see him in trouble, and I often feel sorry for him.Of course, he was always there to help me with my family’s affairs.My two sons, on the other hand, were not impressed by their cousin. They always assumed that he was in a poor financial situation, and that they were only interested in my fortune.Once, my eldest son called me and told me not to let my nephew come home to eat and drink after a few words. If there is any difficulty, I will try to hire someone to do it, otherwise there will be trouble in the future.Just as he hung up, his second son reminded him.What he means is that such relatives should keep their distance, or if they have to find a nanny, don’t be cheated.Listening to them say so, I was neither bitter nor angry, but I managed not to have a fit, and told him that I had lived to such an old age, what did not understand, AND I was not a fool.Old age, coupled with the mood is not happy, not a few days, I had a disease.When my nephew knew, the couple took turns to wait on me.At first, I didn’t want to inform my two sons, but thinking of the hard work I had done raising them, I made the call.To my disappointment, my eldest son said that he was busy recently and could only come back for two days.The second son was more straightforward. He said he was at the construction site and couldn’t get away. Then he transferred 10,000 yuan and finished.That day, the more I thought about it, the more upset I became, and I couldn’t help crying.My nephew’s daughter-in-law, while advising, accompanied me to tears, said that now every family is like this, in order to make a living, we should understand more children’s difficulties, and she and her nephew guard me, isn’t it the same?At this moment, MY heart is particularly gratified, no matter the other people have other ideas or purposes, can treat yourself like this, I still have what good suspicion?05 after this matter, I thoroughly want to understand, old people, the most need is not the sense of security?I mean, isn’t there someone around?Children can not give these, even filial piety is useless.Then I made a decision to give my savings to my nephew and promised that one day I would be gone and the house would be a third of his.My two sons have some complaints about what I’m doing.But when I said, Whosoever shall stand by and wait upon me, all shall be his, they were silent.Now I have got what I want, and my nephew’s efforts have been rewarded. I should say that we owe each other nothing, and I feel very good.From Aunt Fan’s experience, we can see that old people should not only know what they need, but also distinguish between “true filial piety” and “false filial piety”.Sometimes, cherish the “false filial piety” in line with their own needs, is really smart.Family affection is indeed very precious, very worth cherishing, but as a parent, if simply think that as long as the family is connected will be sincerely filial piety, sometimes not reliable.Thank you for your reading and support, I wish you health and happiness!Author: Xian Chuilun, a cheerful and joking emotional narrator, is willing to accompany teachers and friends to taste life and laugh about life.

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