The Novel Coronavirus test remains positive 41 days after the death of a body found off the Italian coast

Shockingly, 28 novel coronavirus tests taken in a row 41 days after the death of a drowned male body found on the east coast of Italy have yielded positive results.The 41-year-old Ukrainian was missing in bad weather while swimming with friends at a beach in central Italy, the Independent reported Sunday.The man’s body was found near a rock 16 hours later.In the 41 days that followed, the Italian forensic authorities carried out 28 routine novel coronavirus tests on the bodies, all of which tested positive.However, the man had no obvious signs of COVID-19 infection.”This is a rare case of the Novel Coronavirus persisting in the body for a long time even after death,” the report said.This is crucial for pathologists to understand how to safely handle cadavers, and further studies on novel coronavirus infectivity will be carried out, the researchers said.Source Global Times

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