Beijing Winter Olympics, new beyond

As the Beijing Winter Olympics draws to a close, we have not only seen the wonderful moments of high-level competition and the state-of-the-art sports facilities, but also demonstrated to the world the beautiful vision of “Together for the future” and the confidence of a major country. Moreover, the Olympic Games have served as a stage to promote cultural exchanges, solidarity and mutual trust in the world.There is no doubt that this has been a hugely influential and successful Winter Olympics.This stage presents not only the charm of ice and snow sports itself, but also the spiritual quality of pursuing self-transcendence.Transcendence is the pursuit of dreams and the face of difficulties.Beijing Winter Olympics, we witnessed the miracle, also witnessed the failure, we cheer for the success, we also regret regret.We saw the “four veteran” Xu Mengtao and Qi Guangpu to realize the dream of the Winter Olympics tears spilled on the top podium, young young gu Ailing and Su Yiming to “born calf not afraid of tiger” “vigorous” for China to win 3 gold and 2 silver;We also noticed that Yuzuru Hanyu, the “Prince of ice”, missed out on a medal, while wu Dajing, the world record holder, failed to add to his glory.No matter success or failure, the spirit of never giving up, never giving up and daring to challenge yourself is touching.Yuzuru Hanyu, a two-time Olympic gold medallist, went all out to surpass himself in order to perform 4A, one of the most difficult figure skating jumps at the moment.Wu dajing also said after the match that he would continue to fight for love if the country needed it.Age and injury are often the biggest obstacles to an athlete’s progress.A person’s youth is very short, but they love in the heart, in order to constantly surpass, always insist on, always struggle.Beyond, is innovation breakthrough, excellence.The success of the Beijing Winter Olympics cannot be achieved without the support of advanced science and technology and the research and exploration of researchers.So far, the “Ice Ribbon” has witnessed the creation of many Olympic and world records, the “fastest ice” worthy of the name.In order to ensure a high standard of ice quality, the ice making team took the bold step of using ultra-long stainless steel cold row pipes to make ice in zones, an unprecedented method.Is not only the ice, the central radio and TV station developed over five years for the opening ceremony of the special camera equipment, broadcast events of up to 16 k event image quality, the Olympic village restaurant meals robots and other “black” science and technology, all show the scientific research personnel for the realization of the science and technology Olympics, forge ahead, and enterprising spirit of innovation.To go beyond means to be calm, confident, enthusiastic and tolerant.Seven years ago this summer, Beijing became the world’s first “double Olympic City” after International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach announced that Beijing would be awarded the 2022 Winter Olympics.At that time, China, with the greatest enthusiasm and devotion, tried to show the world its splendid 5,000-year civilization and loudly told the world “who I am”.And now home to do the Olympic Games, China more than a calm and confidence.Because it is powerful, the eyes of the world are bound to converge here.The world is looking to Beijing, and Beijing is ready.Transcendence means mutual trust and mutual progress.In July last year, the Olympic motto was changed to “Faster, Higher, Stronger — More United”, reflecting the growing desire of countries around the world to strengthen solidarity and cooperation in the shadow of the epidemic and anti-globalization trend.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games called for the world to “join hands for the future”, demonstrating the attitude of a major country to join hands with other countries to meet challenges.The Olympic Games are not only a venue for sports competition, but also a grand gathering for people of all countries to enhance mutual understanding and friendship.As a popular saying goes, “Friendship comes first, competition comes second”, Beijing’s “Ice and Snow Date” will surely serve as a bridge for countries to strengthen ties and help people of all countries break barriers and join hands for a better future.The Beijing Winter Olympics created countless “transcendence”, the Winter Olympics also shines because of these “transcendence”.13, Cease to struggle and surpass.It is in this countless “transcendence” in the era of continuous progress.(The writer is a 2020 student of school of Journalism and Communication, Wuhan University of Sport)

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