Jingui Shangyuan rough three rooms three open to the south wide bright, less than the market 300 thousand rush parking space

House type: 3 rooms, 2 halls, 2 bathrooms area of 139.59㎡ Jin GUI Shang Yuan (Jin Kui Da Guan) blank three rooms for sale, house type three rooms facing south, equipped with two facing south terrace, large lighting surface and transparent, guest restaurant one let the house has open wide activity space.The price is 3.38 million yuan, and the parking space is dropped by 300,000 yuan. The floor 8/19F has a wide view without shelter, and the access to the middle floor is convenient.Location: North of Taihu Avenue and south of Jinxing Road (west of Yunhe West Road), Liangxi District, Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province, Jinguishangyuan/Jinkui Grand View project is adjacent to Taihu Avenue in the south, Yunhe West Road in the west, and taihu Avenue and Yunhe West road in the inner ring roads of Wuxi city, making it convenient to travel around the city.The interior environment of the district is elegant and quiet, and it is more comfortable to live in.The surrounding life is also very convenient.Bus: 27, 67, 72, 105, 106, 506, 703, etc. Subway:Taihu square and QingMing bridge station of line 1 02 greenhill kindergarten education form a complete set, authorities in wuxi city kindergarten, overseas Chinese kindergarten, wuxi normal affiliated elementary school campus (sun), wuxi south of the city primary school, wuxi overseas experiment elementary school, wuxi jiangnan middle school campus (sun), wuxi pioneer 03 medical facilities, such as high school Ming kindness cerebrovascular hospitals,Wuxi Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Wuxi Stomach Hospital, Wuxi People’s Hospital, etc. 04 Other supporting sunshine shopping plaza, Maoye Tiandi Shopping Plaza, Carrefour, Tesco supermarket, Yonghui supermarket, etc

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