Amap launches “Integrated Nucleic acid service for Returning Home during Spring Festival” covering 118 cities

With the Spring Festival approaching, there are more and more users who need nucleic acid testing.Amap recently launched the “Integrated Nucleic acid service for Spring Festival Homecoming”, which provides users with nucleic acid test reservation and epidemic prevention policy query services, covering 118 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Changsha and Hefei.The new “Spring Festival return nucleic acid synthesis service” on the basis of the original map of nucleic acid detection point, increases the reservation service to store the nucleic acid detection, users in the gold map search “nucleic acid detection”, not only into the search page refer to include distance, operating time, test the price details, but also a key to make an appointment from their recent nucleic acid testing institutions inspection service.In addition, amAP has also launched door-to-door nucleic acid testing service for the elderly, pregnant mothers, and infants who are inconvenient to travel. If you search for “door-to-door nucleic acid testing” on AmAP, you can send the testers home through the entrance of the search page and effectively avoid gathering risks.In addition, from now until February 28, Amap will also offer a discount of up to 10 yuan for online reservation users based on local pricing of local health commissions.In addition to booking nucleic acid tests, amap recently launched a special area of “Travel for Epidemic Prevention, Go Home Safely” on its home page, providing practical information and special maps of “travel policies”, “COVID-19 sites” and “nearby nucleic acid testing sites”, providing users with a digital search service for scientific epidemic prevention.

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