Money did not “loan” to the wallet was hollowed out first!Xingyi Yao lost 12000 yuan

Have you ever had trouble walking, driving, eating…From time to time, there will be a ringing phone that leaders have tasks or urgent things to answer, but the result is “hello, do you want to do a loan?””Do you need a loan?” “Do you have capital needs?”…These deadly calls make you wonder how many people know I don’t have any money?It’s true that there’s no money, but aren’t all the people who call are crooks?Can you trust them if you really want a loan?Who are the people who “can get loans”?On January 27, Yao of Xingyi City received a phone call.”This side is quick loan, can provide 10,000 yuan loan service.”Yao, who was short of money, asked how to operate, and the other party asked him to add friends on the wechat of the enterprise and download a loan APP called “Zhaolianfinance”. Yao submitted a loan application.The loan amount is frozen and cannot be lent because of the wrong account number input. Therefore, the loan can only be lent after 3,000 yuan deposit is paid and the unfreezing fee is promised to be returned…Yao mou then transfers money to each other as required, but did not withdraw cash successfully.Later, the other party to personal credit problems need to pay to clear bad credit, online consumption record is insufficient need to pay brush on the ground, let Yao pay.After transferring the money several times, the other party still asked for the transfer. Yao finally realized that he had been cheated and lost a total of 12,000 yuan.The correct posture for loans – formal formal formal, important words say three times this can not be believed, that can not be believed, really need loans, which channel can not be “routine”.Here’s a guide for Mr. Yao.Before confirming the formal and legitimate loan institutions, we should check whether the companies with the names of banks, small loan companies and loan service platforms are legitimate institutions.Adhere to the formal loan process some people feel that they are “not the dish of the bank”, not according to the conventional application for loans, this will no doubt provide cheater operating space and opportunities, the real loan is bound to go formal procedures.Typically, financial institutions don’t charge fees until the loan has been made.If someone asks to pay in advance, be wary!After all, facing telemarketing loans, the correct operation is as follows

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