CBRC notes: No P2P network lending institutions have been established or authorized to set up channels for payment collection

Source: China Finance Union Finance Union On January 30, CBRC news, network lending risk special rectification office issued risk tips:Recently, monitoring found that some websites, wechat groups, QQ groups, social media accounts posing as the name of the CBRC, known as the official channel of money collection, luring P2P lending institutions lenders to pay margin, attempting to P2P lending lenders to implement fraud, there are major risks.CBRC has not set up or authorized the establishment of P2P network lending institutions collection channels.P2P lenders are requested to be vigilant, enhance risk prevention awareness and identification ability, and confirm the relevant payment channels with P2P lending institutions or local regulation offices in a timely manner. If you find suspected criminal clues, please actively report to the public security and other relevant departments.

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