Hong Lou Community New Year party had a lively and happy year

On the morning of February 1st, people crowded in Konglou Community, Yuecheng Office of Heze Development Zone. The 2022 “Our Festival · Spring Festival” Konglou Community Spring Festival Party was held in the community square. The community branch secretary Kong Xiangjing delivered a New Year’s message.On behalf of the two committees of Konglou Community, Mr. Kong xiangjing extended New Year’s greetings to the community residents, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the sports lovers and students who participated in the party, and extended his holiday greetings to the residents who attended the party.It is understood that this party is the first time konglou community held a party, the participation of the community yangko team and community students, the host is also the community college students.The whole party is full of happy and auspicious atmosphere, showing the positive spirit of the community.Community residents have said: “although not to set off firecrackers, but in the form of this get-together, also let the taste of the New Year has a different form of expression, more civilized, more lively.”

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