Takashi Minamano may leave before the end of the winter window and it is a pity that Klopp did not use him

South wild billiton firm that year, soon joined Liverpool to win the premiership in Liverpool dream of fantasy seems to have come to an end, with 50 million pounds buying Liverpool fc Porto winger luis diaz as trident shift, has spread to sell in the transfer window to di walker the bridge and south wild billiton, way to make foreign aid registration number,The second is to sell to recoup part of the transfer fee.Liverpool fans have long known that the FSG’s buyers will have to pay their own way, and takashi Minano’s chances of playing will be reduced with the arrival of Luis Dias.Recently Leeds have taken the lead in asking Liverpool to borrow Takeshima minamano for half a season, but Liverpool refused them of course want to sell temporarily borrowed, but the price of 20 million pounds may not be willing to pay that price, of course, there is still a day of unpredictable, but should lend more opportunities.In south wild billiton, dempsey also not reuse south wild billiton solid with dempsey in both have much in common, both are many Liverpool fans love also is not same at reuse, luis diaz, who now join south wild real Rio tinto was sacrificed is bound to become a member of the Liverpool seem to want to sell before the transfer window over tomorrow to make foreign aid registration number.Although the unknown final result is to sell Divock Oriji or borrow Minamano Takeshi, but Minamano Takeshi departure seems to be only a matter of time, even if the winter window can not go summer is also a great chance to be sold away.Is the omission of Takashi Minamano and Shaqiri a quality problem or simply not to klopp’s liking?Many Liverpool fans felt he had been overlooked by Klopp, who had started just four of his 27 league appearances in the two and a half seasons since arriving in the winter of 2021, mostly in domestic cups and the group stages of the Champions League.Of course, it is understandable that it took him a long time to adapt to the English premier League because he was relatively thin when he first came to the English Premier League. After all, the English Premier League is the most physical league, and he did not adapt to the pace of the English premier League until he got more chances to play after being lent to Southampton.At the start of the season Klopp had put him just ahead of divok Origi, the fifth striker in the squad.But there are four strikers salah, horses, diogo if tower and roberto phil mino in matrix, the south wild billiton real fail to obtain more opportunities and play in the league is quite reasonable, you can say four big striker is still not common, even if the state of being criticized by the Liverpool fans in roberto phil mino performance this season is also quite common.Until early December when roberto phil mino hurt south wild billiton real also rest for a month, the same injury at Liverpool men nervous failed to grasp the opportunity to strive for more playing time, until mid-january return can only be acquired in the carling cup first round first, due to the outbreak of the Liverpool team player status and south wild billiton real peace is the best one,Unfortunately, the team’s attitude towards selling him has been increased by the fact that he has not been able to finish with a clear goal.Parity join in wild billiton solid with dempsey in south is not necessarily a good thing also join Liverpool at a very reasonable price, to join the first day of the sealed as a substitute, believe that if the price is reasonable they may not be at want players, dempsey is obviously as salah substitute, in the south wild extension real came also is roberto phil mino coming off the bench,Both arrived when Salah and Roberto Firmino were still at the peak of their form, with few opportunities to play as substitutes, and you could argue that both have fulfilled their mission at Liverpool.In all competitions south wild 49 total appearances for Liverpool, hand over 10 goals and three assists, only 18 is starting status, don’t forget to hand over 10 goals performance is very good, of course, most of the goals is carling cup made of gold may be insufficient, but in the end as long as this year Liverpool can beat Chelsea won the carling cup,Mr Minamano’s efforts will not be in vain.Many Liverpool fans would like to see Takashi stay for the winter window to win the cup, but there is no real choice as a player.Takatoru Nano has played for Liverpool in the past three years.Number of trips;A goal;Assist premier League;27 (4);3;0 FA Cup;5 (4);0;1 League Cup;7 (6);6;2 in the champions league;9 (4);0;0 Community shield;1 (0);1;0 total: 49 (18);10;He was bought from Red Bull Salzburg for £7.5m and was able to play in several midfield positions as a substitute.Last year was a good loan to Southampton, before the start of the season was rumoured to be about 15 million pounds for Southampton, but the rumours finally fell through, now Liverpool is rumoured to be 20 million pounds for the sale, it can be seen that the start of the season did not leave the team just in Southampton to sell the price.It is now believed that Liverpool would also consider a £15m bid, otherwise a loan to Leeds would be the last option.Not perfect but can accept a honestly Liverpool into the very normal, always need to make a foreign aid to the recruits luis diaz, di walker, of course, the bridge has already been ready to leave, if can successful sale is the best results, or borrow south wild take di walker the bridge as the secret weapon of the champions league is helpless, not perfect but acceptable,In need of game-changing players in the knockout stages of the Champions League, Divock Origi may be more useful than Takino Minano.Di Mr Walker is in only half a year contract with Liverpool, but that Liverpool can start contract options one year), sell di walker the bridge can retrieve the transfer will be less than the wild billiton solid, and di walker in the knowing that have the opportunity to many sit full free transfer summer months substitute for him is the best choice, don’t really want to go to play the premiership relegation battle,If you drop the Championship at any moment, you’ll never recover.Given his two performances against AC Milan in the Champions League group stage this season, a move to Serie A might be the best option, and given that serie A clubs are known for paying big money for sign-free players, divock Origi’s agent must know what to do.Curtis Jones, Harvey elliott has the same function of the recruits luis diaz, who is good at with his right foot to play on the left, is the best person to the left flank, and the horse and diogo, if a tower can be served as a right winger or a striker, he appeared directly replace the south wild billiton solid position as a left winger substitute, plus teenager Curtis Jones can play as a left winger guest,He has been playing well recently and klopp likes him, so his chances of playing will be higher than that of Takumi Minamano. With Naby Keita coming back early and Xavi Elliott coming back soon, the chances of Takumi Minamano playing are really limited. If you are Takumi Minamano, you are the best choice.

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