How much does the patent application cost?What are the total expenses?Do you know these questions?

In December of last year, I just got the invention patent application certificate entrusted to high-end INTELLECTUAL property agent Dianzhiyuan, which finally ended the two-year long application.Shortly after I got the certificate, many friends came to ask me some questions about applying for invention patent. From their questions, I found that many people think applying for an invention patent is very expensive, so I sorted out how much it costs to apply for invention patent based on my own experience.Nowadays, the cost of applying for an invention patent in China is generally divided into two parts, namely, the official cost and the agency cost.First of all, let’s talk about the official cost of invention patent. There are four kinds of fees, which are: 1. The application fee is 950 yuan;2. Examination fee: 2500 YUAN;3. Patent registration fee.When applying for a patent for invention, after receiving the notice of patent authorization and the notice of registration formalities, it is necessary to pay the patent registration fee and the announcement printing fee.That’ll be twenty-five dollars.4. Annual fee.An annual fee is required to keep a patent valid for the duration of its validity.The annual fee is collected by stages, and about 20,000 yuan is required to be paid during the 20-year validity period of the invention patent.Then say about the agency fee, I entrust point to the circle before application, to investigate their own industry agency fee about the range.Nowadays, the agency fee of invention patent in China is about 3 thousand to 15 thousand.Then the patent service fees of some well-known big firms will be relatively high, starting with 10,000 yuan. These are the basic patent agency service fees. For individual difficult cases, such as the number of claims more than 10, there will be certain additional service fees.Of course, if you really want to save money, you can write your own patent, which costs the least, but the quality of the patent application documents can be a big problem.A person without relevant legal knowledge and writing experience to write the application document, it is easy to miss what points, and finally even if the patent application comes down, it may be difficult to effectively protect your invention, such a patent can be said to be the existence of chicken ribs.Our country is to encourage innovation, so the application of an invention patent does not need much cost, for most people can afford, so as long as you have a good invention can apply for invention patent.However, in order to improve the quality of the patent, I entrusted dianzhiyuan agent application. Their team is all professional agents with more than five years of experience, and their control of patent quality is naturally much higher than that of me, a layman.Although a certain amount of service fee is generated, it is a drop in the bucket compared to the revenue generated by a subsequent high-quality patent.

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