Solve crimes!Why Su yiming gave up 1980Net regret: blame other players not up to par

Q: how can I receive such sports information every day?A: Just click on the top right to follow.On the 11th competition day of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, China has won six gold MEDALS, surpassing the five gold MEDALS won at the Vancouver Winter Olympics and setting a new record.In the snow events, the Chinese team is a big explosion, Gu Ailing and Su Yiming two young athletes contributed a gold medal and a silver medal for the Chinese team, and both of them won the gold medal in the big platform competition.However, their paths to gold were completely different. Gu was under great pressure and won the gold with her last jump, while Su clinched the title with her first two jumps before she even started her last jump.In the grand platform final, Su performed well in her first two jumps to score 182.5 points, leading the runner-up by 17 points after two rounds.This competition, Su yiming still has a reserved item, that is 1980.For the first two jumps, Yiming su chose the 1,800 mark.This also makes the audience friends are very looking forward to, Su Yiming in the last jump to challenge the limit, staged 1980 visual feast.In the final round, each contestant either made a mistake on a difficult challenge or gave up trying to win the gold medal in order to secure a lower rank.Su yiming had already secured the title before the finale.Unfortunately, su did not choose to challenge 1980. Instead, she took the platform as her own stage and enjoyed the feeling of landing easily with a grasping board in the air.While netizens cheered su’s victory, they also felt sorry for not seeing 1980.After the race, Su explained why she didn’t choose to challenge the 1980 routine.”If I had fallen behind in the last jump, I would have definitely challenged for this height, but I had already won the gold medal before the last jump, so I decided to enjoy the last slide,” su said.On the final slide, Ms. Su was still looking into the stands, where her parents were sitting.At that moment, Su’s parents must have been proud, and She wanted to savor the joy.It is worth mentioning that Su almost ran into the protective board.Ms. Su’s choice is entirely understandable.On the other hand, since the championship, safety is also important, better to save 1980 for another time.Netizens joked: “Blame the other contestants for their bad manners!”In fact, Su yiming revealed that he had conquered 1980 when training before the competition, and he had the strength to complete 1980’s movements in the competition.It’s not hard to see from this game that 1800 is the trend and could be a stepping-stone to the final.Therefore, it is necessary for Su yiming to practice the unique skills of 1980.

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