Hebei!Brother accidentally fell into the ice hole, sister jumped into the glacier to save his brother is also trapped…

A boy accidentally fell into the ice while playing in a flooded kiln in Ningjin County, Xingtai City. His sister found his younger brother in danger and jumped into the ice to save him from a tree in the water, resulting in both of them trapped…At 15:16 on February 4, Xingtai Ningjin Fire rescue brigade received a report that two people were trapped in a tree in the water on the frozen kiln pit on the west side of the government of Gengzhuangqiao town, Ningjin County, and were in urgent need of rescue.After receiving the alarm, Ningjin Dacaozhuang fire rescue station quickly dispatched, 2 fire trucks 10 fire rescue personnel rushed to the scene for rescue.Rescue video capture after arrived at the scene, fire rescue personnel to ask, two people trapped for siblings, a brother play on the ice when he fell into the hole, elder sister found that after the younger brother distress, brother help to water the tree into the freezing water, because the ice is broken, and walking are unable to return to shore, can only wait for further assistance.Xingtai fire rescue personnel immediately to rescue two people, a firefighter in the ice crawling to the trapped boy near, and wear life jackets for it, in the shore and water firefighters joint efforts, successfully will be trapped boy rescued.Later firefighters used rubber boats to rescue the trapped sister.After about 1 hour of nervous rescue, two siblings successfully out of danger.Fortunately, it was a close shave!During the Spring Festival holiday, similar incidents of falling into water occurred in Hebei, previously reported: The incident in Hebei!2 up again!Holiday must pay attention to fortunately these incidents, timely rescue, did not cause casualties.Thanks to the firefighters hard rescue at the same time, parents should also pay attention to enhance vigilance, strengthen the supervision of minors!Stay away from the lake and ice to avoid this danger!Winter fell into the ice cave rescue difficulty increased ice distress self-help guide must learn!↓↓↓ Forwarding spread, remind more people to pay attention!Source: Hebei Youth Daily reporter Wang Chunrui, correspondent Dou Shaoqing, Xingtai fire, national emergency broadcasting

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