Divorce with ex-husband time get a suite, now boyfriend wants to sell: after marriage we buy a house again

01. I saw a woman’s post for help on the Internet.It is said that marriage is sad seven years itch, but before the seven years, the woman divorced.The woman is 35 years old and wants a happy family.Now she talked about a boyfriend, boyfriend loves her very much, no matter the size of the festival will give her gifts, often give her surprise, but also willing to spend money for her, mobile phone 24 hours a day for her to boot, as long as she said hello, not half an hour, he will be able to appear in front of her……The woman is very romantic and her new boyfriend is very satisfying to her.The biggest reason women divorce their ex-husbands is that they are not romantic enough.She met her ex-husband on a blind date. When they were old enough to get married, they married in a hurry without knowing each other for a long time and had a child a year later.But my ex-husband was a workaholic who worked day and night.But she loves to play, love lively.He said he was trying to earn money for his family, and she was losing all the time;She called him cold-blooded, a working robot, and she had a husband, but she remained single…Two people argue to quarrel, finally tired, divorce.After the divorce, custody of the children went to her ex-husband, who gave her the house.After divorce, for the sake of children, they still have contact, but they are very clear in each other’s hearts, personality reasons, they compound again, has been impossible.Her ex-husband also supported her remarriage.She is satisfied that her current boyfriend has fulfilled all her expectations.But now her boyfriend has come up with a suggestion: sell her current house, and after they get married, he can come up with some money to buy a bigger house…She hesitated.Should a divorced woman sell her house if she marries her current boyfriend?This is a very serious point.Now the boyfriend has his reason, the woman’s house is too shabby, should have been changed.Her opinion is that the house is now her pre-marital property, and there are feelings on it.The house, though modest, is close to where she works, and she and her ex-husband bought it so they could work.And there’s a lot of uncertainty about marriage, and she’s remarried, and this house is her fallback and her back up.She did not want to sell, but now her boyfriend said they married, the house is a waste, not to sell is to his distrust.Of course, the Internet quarreled.Said the woman love brain, live in their own fantasy, fortunately, the woman has not been completely infatuated with love, know how to ask for help.Those who are not married are not trustworthy when they think about other people’s property.Although the house is small, it is your personal property, sell marriage, buy a house again, that is the common property of husband and wife.Even if the relationship between husband and wife is good in the future, if the husband’s parents, seven or eight aunts live in the house, it will make you suffer.Only their own house, they have the initiative.The house can be sold, but not now.The people who love you deeply, will give you the greatest respect, give you the greatest sense of security, those who are interested in your marital property, must think twice.Parents can’t be trusted sometimes, let alone boyfriends.During the Spring Festival, a single mother recorded a video of her life.Divorced from her husband, she took her young daughter to work in Guangdong, a person to work, and take care of the children, life can be imagined.She went back to her parents’ home for the Spring Festival.There was a custom in their hometown that a married daughter could not stay at her parents’ home for the Spring Festival, which might bring bad luck to her parents.In the village, she used to have a good sister to play, that year after divorce to stay in her parents, that year Xu Xi was “driven” out of the house, alone in an abandoned cattle shed cried a night, the next year he hastily married again, never returned to her parents.She said she was lucky that her parents still treated her as a never-married girl and let her spend the Spring Festival at home without saying anything, but arranged a blind date on the first day of the New Year.She did not want to marry now, but she did not dare to say so, and in spite of her unhappiness she tried to put on a smile.She said that on the sixth day of the first lunar month, she would go south to Guangdong to earn a down payment for herself as soon as possible. She had her own house, and she would not let her parents be wronged by other people’s gossip.Helen, in Ideal City, works hard and sends her monthly earnings home.Her happiness is very simple, just want to through their own efforts, have a real belong to their own home.However, when she wanted to marry her boyfriend and buy a house first, Helen came back home and asked her parents for the money she earned. Instead of saving her money, they told her that they had already used her savings to buy a house for her brother.At that time, Helen was not particularly sad, thinking that the money she paid, at least one of the house is her own, but her mother said she would marry sooner or later, do not need to leave a room.At that moment, Helen’s heart was completely broken.A woman is sometimes to be selfish, love and oath to the end are likely to become a lie, reality, not married before, to give yourself the biggest security.As the saying goes, a married daughter can’t get into her husband’s house and can’t go back to her mother’s house.A woman and her husband married just full year, usually husband and wife working outside do not feel.During the Spring Festival, I stayed at her husband’s house for five days. During these days, there were often a dozen guests in the house, and there were eight or nine in my family. All the meals for twenty or thirty people were cooked by her daughter-in-law.Her parents-in-law don’t help, and her husband can’t cook.The weather is cold, washing vegetables and cooking all in cold water.Several days later, his hands were covered with frostbite.After the meal, the husband and mother-in-law do not care to clean up, all the housework to the daughter-in-law.Because of these things, the woman has been angry with her husband more than once.At first, when the woman was angry, the husband would coax her, but once the husband was also bored, he said: “Other people’s daughter-in-law does not come over like this?You are hypocritical!”She ran away from home in anger and walked back to her mother’s house, but as soon as she approached her mother’s house, she found it was full of guests at a distance.What if all hell broke loose when she went back like this?She had to squat at the intersection of her parents’ home and cry.Later her husband came and she went home with him.If oneself still have a separate house, suffered grievance, why worry to do not have even a place to cry again?I really admire the girl after 1995 who spent 10 years of savings to buy a house and live in a bare house.She started working at the age of 14 and saved for 10 years to make a down payment of 280,000 yuan.She said that many people around her, including her parents, do not support buying a house, but she thought that marriage can not have a sense of security, so she bought a house without hesitation.At that time, I had no money to decorate and pay the mortgage, so I moved into a rough house.She was right. Marriage did not guarantee a lifetime of happiness, but the house was yours and no one could take it.A house is not afraid of the wind and rain outside;If you own a house, you have no place to go.If you have room for yourself, why can’t you try again?…Grasp the destiny in their own hands, firmly seize the initiative, listen to their own voice, do what you want to do.There is no right or wrong way to live your life, but whatever lifestyle you choose, don’t forget that pleasing yourself is the best way to live your life.If your boyfriend offered to sell the house you got in divorce, would you do it?Feel free to leave a comment.# New Year diary # article/Mu Zimo, pictures: from the network, if there is infringement, please contact the author to delete.I am Mu Zi mo, multi-platform millions of popular article author, I have a pen, only to write the warm and cold, if you also have a story, welcome to leave a message or private letter to tell me, I am waiting for you here.Ten years ago, one of the girls in the women’s football team had to collect mineral water bottles and sell them to buy “Maotai cakes” for his 82-year-old grandfather’s birthday.90-year-old grandma looks down on everyone?If you want to know more, come to mu Zi Mo

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