In the heart of flowers, life will never be barren, live more wonderful

Fireworks world, time waned, twinkling of an eye, is the New Year.New Year, I hope we can have a new self.The poet Haizi once said, “I love every new day.Today’s sun, today’s horse, today’s mountain ash tree.From dawn to dusk, there is plenty of sunshine.Better than any poem that ever passed.”In 2022, may we all plant flowers in our hearts and love every day.”Roses, hands have fragrance!”More tolerance and kindness, in good faith in the sun and born, as in the heart planted a sunflower, warm and beautiful.”The heart has mountains and seas, quiet and boundless!”More indifferent and calm, peaceful and comfortable in the quiet, as in the heart of a plant jasmine, beautiful and elegant.”Wish to get one heart, whitehead together!”More cherish and love, in the common advance and retreat, as in the heart planted a rose, bright and rich.The wind has often, the flower has the letter, with the flower first record time, so the years contain fragrance.”If you plant flowers in your heart, life will not be barren.”Nature’s floral scenery can make us feel comfortable, and the fragrance of the heart, but can give us the fragrance of the world.No trekking, no need to look around, it quietly in your heart bud, grow, accompany you through the four seasons of the world, the first bloom.Even if the winter comes, the world flowers wither, planted in the heart of the flower, but still fresh, like the winter sun like people full of hope.In the past year, maybe your heart has been scarred, it tired, cry, pain, hardships, disappointed, but even so, it still accompany you to adhere to countless days and nights.Plant more flowers in your heart for the New Year.Weed out the weeds of the mind, scatter the seeds of flowers, pour some patient water.No matter how frustrated you were in the past, it’s always a new beginning.For the rest of your life, live with your heart, grow your own flowers, love your universe!Wait until spring returns, and listen to the wind, waiting for flowers!The flavor of the New Year is getting weaker and weaker. Many people refer to the “dull feeling” and say that they are afraid of the endless day after day.An old saying goes, “If one wishes for a better day, one wishes for a better day, another wishes for a better day — when did the belief of living each new day leave us?”A friend rented a plot of land on the outskirts of Guangzhou and grew tulips.Over the years, he always asked me to visit him and said, “By the way, I will send you two POTS of flowers.” I was busy with my work and writing, so I couldn’t make the trip.”Come out and get some air,” he said in a tone of complaint and reproach.You don’t like flowers?!I don’t want you to plant. Why is it so hard to invite you?!”I was at a loss for words to reply;To “take advantage of others” is not my personality;To say “do not love flowers”, that is not what I thought, who does not love flowers, green mountains and clear waters?Just the interest can not allow too many branches and tenor and like, some things must have a choice, emphasis, and some activities must give up to cancel.However, my friend’s words did not arouse my interest and impulse to appreciate flowers immediately, but reminded and pointed out a fact: I can neither “grow flowers”, nor “love flowers” and “appreciate flowers”, it is a “puzzle” that does not buckle nor break.Appreciating flowers is one of the noble tastes of human beings.Through the ages, how many poets, writers write down how many well-known chant flowers and plants poetry.When it comes to flowers, it is more romantic.Flower people pay sweat, harvest fragrance, long-term will be physically and mentally dense in the fragrance, it is a kind of comfortable and carefree feeling.My friend was eager to share his joy and success with me, but I kept delaying. He was “right” to complain, and I was “unreasonable”.However, a deeper thought, I and he “similar”, are in the dedication of fragrance to the world;But he planted flowers in the world, and I planted flowers in my heart.He planted material flowers, natural flowers;I like writing, and I actively create articles in my spare time. In a sense, what I plant is the “heart flower”, the flower of human spirit.The purpose is the same, to bring fragrance to the world.Speaking from the form of labor, what he pays is physical labor, what I pay is mental labor;Speaking from the characteristics of labor, what he pays is sweat, what I pay is thick painstaking effort;From the labor intensity, each has emphasis;But if all the surface from hui and yields to analysis and consideration, I offer the “h” is better than his true flower fragrance lasting, pretty breeze where, because my “h” in the growth stage and maturity, I watering is human nature to be good nutrients and moisture, watering fertilizer is more than his cultural background and scientific nutrition, more able to contribute to and to achieve the effect of flowering, the flowers do not come loose for a long time.From the level of life, everyone does not have to be a “gardener” or hard “gardener”, to enjoy the infinite fragrance and brilliant and charming color;If everyone learns to plant flowers in their hearts, they can achieve the same colorful and fragrant effect as they see.The key is can you plant flowers in your heart?Whether the flowers can survive, bud, booting, jointing, in full bloom?It is a pity that some people who want to plant flowers end up with thorns and barnyard grass and become cynical and live a life of chicken hairs.Someone compares the mind to a “pasture”. In my opinion, the pasture is sunny and fertile, which is the most suitable for planting flowers.How to plant, all rely on personal wisdom and life accumulation.Growing flowers in the heart is different from growing flowers in the common world. Although the mind is a “small place”, it can hold mountains and yards in height, the sun, moon and stars.As long as you cultivate deeply and carefully, carefully care, with kindness, sincere, hardworking as the soil, with persistence, concentration as water, with blood and sweat as nourishment, with civilization, elegant as the sun, the seeds, thick planting heart, can take root and sprout, the formation of flowers, flowers hit the gorgeous scene.If flowers are planted well in the heart, there will be no barnyard grass and weeds, and artemisopsis quinoa and thorns will not be able to survive. As a result, people’s body and mind will be particularly fresh and carefree, and their personality charm and spirit will naturally be fragrant and refreshing.In the world flowers are happy, planted is free of food and clothing life;In the heart of flowers more happiness, is planted a beautiful.Next time I see my friend who grows flowers, I will tell him about my experience and experience as a “florist” and share the happiness of planting flowers with him.(1). First, be sensible.Being sensible does not mean knowing the truth, which is the most useless. What WE mean here is to know the cause and effect of drive (in fact, we need to know the cause and effect of drive for many things, for reference, “Wealth Strategy” and “Get Happiness” have repeatedly pushed the cause and effect) (2).Secondly, develop your own interests.If you have a passion right now, congratulations, continue to do it from your heart, enjoy it, and someday it may suddenly rise to a point where you can improve your skills.If not, try more and you’ll find something you love.(3) Thirdly, we should improve our ability to make decisions. We should not be afraid of failure. Failure does not mean giving up, but an opportunity for us to correct mistakes and understand things themselves.

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