The stars change: immortal way is uglified, two big super god beast rescue field, as expected big as this big

It is time to renew the animation of “Stars Change” again. At present, this work has been released to the 43rd episode. Many audiences say that they are not satisfied with watching it, and they hope that they can turn on the advanced vod like the last episode, so that they can watch the cool one time.However, many people may not know that it was the last season when the official pre-vod mode was stopped by various video platforms the next day. If the platforms do not want to provoke public anger, they will certainly not open pre-voD again, so I can only apologize, let’s analyze it together.01 Immortal road is uglified, all become hypocrites first look at this work immortal people.I don’t know how to make it, it is clear that they are immortal, is on behalf of the side of justice.As a result, when the protagonists come into contact with them, they all become power-hungry, greedy and hypocritical villains.It would be well if one or two of them did so, but I could not find a real decent man after I had seen him.These faery people are not even as pleasant as the demon people, at least the demon people do not shy away from being bad, and do not do evil things in the name of justice.But what about fairy people?They talk a lot, but they do things like killing and hypocrisy, and they slaughter the people in the land of the hidden dragon.And when the magic road power is big, they do the turtle to hide out, the black empty blood headed by the magic road is gone, immediately for the sky.To the new set I also can’t go down, change face of fast let a person shocked, on one second still say sky fire way friend, next second turn face say sky fire evil, true fairy way people are all ugly, no one is really decent and let a person feel very pleasing.02 Neither of the two super god beasts is good in the fairy way, and the same is true in the magic way.In contrast, the forces on the protagonist’s side are extremely beautified, typical of the riot starsea and dragon clan.This set of the two formally ran out to rescue Qinyu, of course, they have a main purpose in addition, is to break the fairy way party ten yan magic array.And the two people that these two square forces head can be great, it is super god beast, be like the eldest brother of riot star sea but live stubborn, his body is golden wing dapeng, because innate constitution is uncommon, so practice speed quite fast.The dragon’s boss is hetian, the more severe some, ontology is the best of dragon dragon with five claws, to live longer than cases of stubborn also, flesh is withholden, magic sword can’t hurt, he also choose on Qin Yu side, all of a sudden Qin Yu turn counter attack, is also one of the most can’t provoke people into this form.03 really as big as this big this set look down, give me the biggest feeling is really big as big as the relationship.Qinyu along the way, his cultivation talent is not the best, the realm is not the highest among all, even barely can squeeze into the middle, but he is all of the most will pull a relationship.He stood behind the LAN Shu, also because LAN Shu nine evil temple qinglong black dragon and others did not dare to move him, at the same time relying on the relationship between LAN Shu he and zong stubborn friend, zong stubborn and the Lord of the dragon introduced to him, had to say that the relationship is good, what things are also easy to do.Well, this issue on the chat here, I hope you can like oh, picture source network, assault delete.If you like this article, welcome to like, comment and share oh, thank you for your support, later will continue to update the wonderful animation content oh, if you have different opinions, welcome to leave a message oh.

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