Give red envelopes during the New Year, 6 taboos should be remembered, respect the old tradition, symbolizing wealth and prosperity in the New Year

The Spring Festival is a traditional custom of the Chinese nation since ancient times, which evolved from the ancient times when people prayed for the New Year and offered sacrifices, and is also known as the “Spring Festival”.The Spring Festival is the most solemn traditional festival in China, which contains profound cultural connotations such as thoughts and beliefs, wishes and blessings, and life ideals. There are many customs that pay attention to, and giving red envelopes is a traditional custom that spreads widely during the Spring Festival.When I was a child, I looked forward to the Spring Festival most. Apart from the snacks and delicious food, the red envelope was the most anticipated gift.The red envelope of the Chinese New Year is also known as “New Year’s money”, which is also known as “pressure money”. “money” is unlucky. The meaning of sending New Year’s money is to ward off evil spirits and bless peace.And “shi” is the age, age, the younger generation to the elder red envelope also have pressure age, wish the elderly health and longevity of the meaning.Red envelope contains not only the good wishes, also reflected the traditional etiquette, usually only in Chinese New Year or great things to have, on the festival days, nobody want to jinx things, so sending a red envelope is there are a lot of exquisite, especially to the New Year, now again send red envelopes, receive red envelopes of the most active time, so what’s the custom taboo hair red envelopes?Let’s take a look.6 taboos of giving red envelopes during the Spring Festival should be kept in mind, respecting old traditions and symbolizing wealth and prosperity in the New Year.Avoid hair amount not auspicious red envelope is a traditional country, any occasion all pay attention to get a good heat, digital implication is very care about, to most of the time like to buy a house will not choose 4, 13, 14, 18, such as moral bad floor, wedding won’t pick a single day, so the Chinese New Year red packets should also pay attention to these.During the Chinese New Year, lucky even numbers such as 2, 6 and 8 are usually chosen to symbolize good things in pairs, such as 3, 4, 5 and 7, which are either singular or mean something bad. It is better not to use them as the amount of the red envelope, in case the red envelope is given out and not liked by others.2. Avoid hair amount inconsistent red envelopes during the festival, will certainly be a few families gather together, the number of red envelopes full of cash will be more, this time will equally send red envelopes, don’t cry because it is relation to allocate the amount of red envelopes, to know the New Year’s day to send the blessing of the same, if not treated, don’t say children open after the embarrassment of know, face to faceAlso lost their own pattern and blocked the blessing sent by others.3. Avoid hair amount is a big red China is formal state, do what matter all pay attention to in town, so also send red envelopes, today I go to your house to give you a big red envelope, then tomorrow you come to my house I have to also want to give you a big red envelopes, the heavy family ways of the world, generally will also add a little back, so don’t send a lot of red envelopes,May bring others a certain sense of pressure.The original meaning of red envelope is to ward off evil, bless peace, figure a blessing festival, do not go to compare, do not try to be brave good face, to act accordingly, the mind is the most important.Many people did not pay attention to the red envelope when the red envelope bag above the word and pattern, now the red envelope more and more beautiful, more and more styles, people pick dazzling, but meet with a year or zodiac red envelope should pay attention to, don’t in 2022 with 2021, the year of the tiger but with the year of the ox red envelope,The Spring Festival is originally a time to bid farewell to the old and usher in the new, so it’s not good to use expired red envelopes.Do not know if you have noticed a detail, received red envelopes are not sealed, not sealed red envelopes inside the money is not easy to drop?Why not keep it quiet?In fact, this is a saying, we all know that the Chinese New Year to get a good fortune, can not say unlucky words, and “seal” on behalf of closed, when the red envelope if sealed, on behalf of closed bag mouth, can not accept happiness and good luck, now we know that the red envelope can not be sealed!6. Avoid is used a dilapidated missing money, New Year’s day is a new orientation to meet the, pay attention to a New Year new atmosphere, this time out, do not have to use old incomplete money to pack a red envelope, one is not up to now the scene of the Spring Festival, 2 it is worn out incomplete moral thing is bad, let a person see the uncomfortable, if use old missing wallet red, money is to go out,People are also offended, so it is best to go to the bank in advance to change some new money.Receive a red envelope is also want to note 1. Don’t open red envelope when their children receive red envelopes others face to face, don’t let the child open face to face, life is not easy, you know, a red envelope to less open others embarrassed face to face, if their children red envelopes less than others, his embarrassment, we should avoid such influence festival festival, lest affect mood.2. To avoid comparing some people during Chinese New Year together, will talk to someone how young children receive red envelopes, what do their give somebody package in a red envelope, actually there is no need to go up with the joneses “, a red envelope was intended to send blessings, figure is festival, amount is only symbolic, so don’t compare with others, blessing is valuable.3. Hands take a red envelope in the past, the younger generation to receive the elders are red envelopes to kneel down and kowtow, in order to show respect for their elders and Thanksgiving, and then the custom out slowly, but the most basic etiquette or should be some, don’t single hand pick up a red envelope with a pick up, but to micro holding hands to pick up, to show their gratitude, that others also get the respect they deserve.The custom of giving red envelopes during the Spring Festival has a long history. It represents the love of the elders to the younger generation. It is a talisman for the children, hoping to bless peace and turn misfortune into good fortune.At the same time, the younger generation gives their elders a red envelope to express their respect, which is to pressure the elders to live a long and healthy life. Therefore, the red envelope is not about money, but the heart and blessing.That’s what I share today. What else should we pay attention to when giving red envelopes?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section. Thanks for reading.

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