Xu Changsuo suspense reveal!Shandong men’s basketball five formal assembly, team lineup changes

This season shandong men’s basketball performance can be said to be far from reaching fans’ expectations.Especially shandong fans, for the performance of Shandong men’s basketball can be said to be extremely disappointed, the second stage has been finished, Shandong men’s basketball 15-13, the winning rate just over 50%.He’s 10th in the league and out of the playoffs.The third stage will be more competitive.So Shandong men’s basketball team is likely to fall out of the playoffs at the end of the regular season, which is the majority of Shandong fans absolutely cannot accept.To know the shandong men’s basketball team last season but the division of iron and blood, led by Gong Xiaobin.The team finished fifth in the regular season without a payroll all year, and in the playoffs.Gong Xiaobin’s Shandong men’s basketball team was the one to be respected and feared.And to this season, the team for a richer background, the head coach has also become xu Changsuo by Gong Xiaobin.The team also brought in two foreign players.In the teaching assistant is at the expense of two foreign teachers, plus once the MVP four word foreign aid Ding Yanyuhang comeback.Supposedly this season’s Shandong men’s basketball team should be ushered in a takeoff, but so far the record can be said to be disappointing, compared with last season, this season is undoubtedly seriously pulled down.And the majority of Shandong fans will team performance so poor reasons, all attributed to the head coach Xu Changsuo body.Of course, as the fans say, the head coach Xu Changsuo is responsible for the team’s record. Although Xu Changsuo has been engaged in youth training for a long time, as the head coach of the first team, he is still a rookie, and he conducts personnel rotation on the spot.There are some problems, the field command seems to be lagging, and even the time to call a pause has been criticized.So, for a team already struggling on the edge of the playoffs.The majority of Shandong fans want to see the shandong men’s basketball team in the third stage, will change the coach, all hope Gong Xiaobin return, and with the Shandong men’s basketball team reporter Xia Xiaosi released a social dynamic this morning.The suspense of Xu Changsuo’s position has been officially announced, Xia Xiaosi said in the social news, the team will be in the fifth grade is this evening official assembly.And the team does not have a player to ask for leave, will officially start the first training in the year of the tiger tomorrow, and the previous injury to the absence of many games of the fierce inside jiao Hailong also ushered in a comeback, his comeback to the team greatly help.After all, shandong men’s basketball inside the use of the people are not many, his comeback will to a certain extent to ease the pressure of Tao Hanlin.In addition to jiao Hailong’s comeback, Xia Xiaosi also revealed a heavy message, that is, Shandong high-speed has been officially shot, in the third stage ready to win the third foreign aid, and this season’s bottom goal, has been determined is to enter the playoffs, from these two points can be determined.The third phase of Xu Changsuo’s position is still unassailable.High-speed did not plan to change the coach, at least until the end of this season, Xu Changsuo is not dismissed.If the group wants to change, must have been prepared in advance, but the shandong expressway for now will have none of this seems to be still more trust Xu Changsuo high-speed group, the team’s poor record in the main down upon foreign aid, if the team in the third phase of the record is not up, so shandong men’s basketball team at any time agree to sign the first three foreign aid in the third stage,And can see, shandong men’s basketball third foreign aid basically has been determined.Can win at any time, we also hope that Shandong men’s basketball team in the third stage can play a good record.Stay in 10th place, maybe even a little bit up front, make the playoffs, do better in the playoffs, we’ll see.Well, that’s it for this episode.If you like it, be sure to retweet and like it.Thank you. Bye.

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